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It\\\'s no secret that construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to work. In fact, construction ranks as the third-most dangerous occupation, behind only mining and agriculture. Given the hazardous conditions on a job site – extreme heights, changeable weather conditions, heavy machinery and vehicles, and dangerous tools – it\\\'s no wonder that the construction industry accounts for one-fifth of all workplace fatalities in America.

Construction site accidents can cause significant damages to both the injured employee and the employer. The workers' compensation system was developed as a no-fault way of settling the liability question for medical bills and other damages. Not only does this system guarantee that an employee who has become injured on the job will receive some compensation, but it also protects the employer from undue litigation.

However, there can be expenses that are covered under neither the Arkansas state laws nor the federal regulations for workers\\\' compensation claims. There are also construction accidents which involve people who are not employees, nor are in any way connected with the site. In these situations, it is necessary to hire an Arkansas construction accident attorney.

A construction accident attorney is a personal injury lawyer who specializes in injuries that occur on any type of construction site. They represent both workers and bystanders who are injured in and around the job site. Their job is to ensure that the client's rights are protected throughout the legal process and that those liable are held accountable for the negligence that led to the injury.

Establishing liability is a major part of this attorney's duty to the client. In workers\\\' compensation cases, this isn't necessary. However, there may be a third party whose negligence led to the accident in some way. This person or company is subject to civil action. In cases where workers\\\' compensation doesn't apply, liability is crucial.

The attorney has resources to find just where the liability lies in such cases. Through expert witnesses, medical records, and information from past actions against the employer, the lawyer will build an effective case for the victim's claim. Frequently, they will use this information outside of the courtroom to obtain a settlement that benefits the client. Or, if necessary, they will go to court in order to fight for the client\\\'s rights.

In the legal industry, construction accidents fall under the category of personal injury. A personal injury resulting from a construction accident can be either a pedestrian accidents or workers compensation cases. When someone is injured, whether it is a worker or a pedestrian, legal action can help the client attain damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, compensation for potential lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs.

An Arkansas construction accident attorney specializes in building a case that benefits their client's best interests. They are familiar with state and federal laws, utilizing them to the client's advantage. Whether you are injured in or around the job site, consult a construction accident personal injury attorney. They will not only fight to ensure that your rights are protected, but will also work to get you the maximum benefits and damages allowed by law.


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