Corlink Device

Heart disease is one the leading causes of death for both men and women living in the United States. Coronary artery disease is one of the most reoccurring types of heart disease in America. The diseases causes blockage, called plaque in the coronary arteries. Plaque consists of fatty deposits that slip through the walls of arteries, causing them to be obstructed. When the coronary artery is blocked, the heart does not receive oxygen-rich blood required for normal functioning. As a result, one can suffer from heart attacks, strokes, or complete respiratory failure. Treatments include medications and coronary bypass surgery, which serves to clear the arteries of the harmful plaque. Nevertheless, the procedure is dangerous and only left to the hands of experienced surgeons. New technology is being developed to decrease the risks associated with this type of surgery. The Corlink device was developed in 2001 for these purposes.

The Corlink device is a medical tool used during coronary bypass surgeries. It is used to construct anastomoses between the sapehmous veins grafts and the aorta. In this way, the Corlink device is an effective tool, allowing surgeons to avoid clamping the aorta and conduct the bypass without the use of sutures, which have been known to cause serious complications. Also, when clamping the aorta, there is a chance of embolization to the brain caused by particulate atheromatous debris. This would then lead to a strokes, in some cases. With the Corlink device, all these problems could be avoided. The Corlink device was approved by the FDA in 2001 for hospital usage. However, reports were filed that claimed the product caused occluded, or obstructed arteries in patients, as well as other complications, causing respiratory failure and heart attacks.

This type of incident is not something one should attribute to bad luck or happenstance. Although the product has not been taken off the market, many are filing product liability lawsuits. In order for one to file a product liability claim, one of three problems must exist. A design defect is one problem that might occur. Products may have design defects that are manufactured, even though they are unknowingly unsafe. The second type of product liability claim that can be filed is one based on a manufacturing defect. These are items that are well designed, but the product was made incorrectly, causing it to be unsafe. Lastly, a claim can be filed if a product lacks inadequate warnings on its packaging materials or if instructional manuals are missing. It is rare for manufacturers to be sued for negligence, as most claims are classified as strict liability cases. In this manner, an attorney must only prove that a product is defective with the intentions of getting it recalled.

If you have suffered from medical problems after bypass surgery due to a defective Corlink device, or if someone in your family has died unexpectedly from complications with this product, it is important for you to contact an attorney as soon as possible. According to statute of limitation laws, individuals must make claims concerning defective products within two to three years of any personal injuries acquired. Some states have even shorter time frames for filing these lawsuits. You must act quickly if you intend to take legal action.

If you have post-surgery complications resulting from the Corlink device, and are seeking financial compensation, here are tips to consider:

Research prospective attorneys before selecting one to represent you. An ideal attorney should have years of experience managing defective product or personal injury claims. While this might take some time and research, your hard work will pay off when you are finally able to locate the best attorney to meet your needs. Review caseloads, previous experience, and the reputations of attorneys in your area, and set up consultation meetings so that your claim can be reviewed. Free of charge, these meetings can provide you with the resources needed to initiate the lawsuit.

Keep track of all medical records, expenses, employment disability paperwork, and doctor visits, as all of these may provide your attorney with evidence needed to win your case.

Work with your attorney and the defendant to reach a fair settlement. The purpose of the lawsuit is to have the defective product recalled and receive compensation for expenses, not to inaccurately accuse individuals of negligence. While you want to be compensated for your losses, claims should also be within reason.
Act quickly. There is not limitless time available to make these claims. Contact an attorney, and set up a meeting right away.