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Pennsylvania has strict laws regarding dog and animal attacks in order to protect its residents. Although animals are usually not harmful, their behavior can be unpredictable. Those who fail to take proper safety precautions with their dogs and other animals may find themselves at the receiving end of a dog and animal bite lawsuit filed by the victim. More than 5 million animal attacks happen each year around the United States, with 1,000 occurring daily. Unfortunately, these stories are often ignored by the media. If more pet owners were aware of the dangers and followed the law properly, there would be less injuries and heartache for victims.

In Pennsylvania, pet owners are held liable for their pets' actions. They must abide by three laws:
Confine the dog within their property
Firmly secure the dog/pet with a collar or chain so it does not stray beyond the property
Maintain reasonable control when the pet is not secured (such as while hunting)

If a pet is not leashed or contained, it has the ability to break loose and roam around. These laws are especially important for owners whose dogs have a known history of violent behavior. Although household pets may be calm, they are still animals and have animal instincts. Too often, small children are the victims of vicious animal attacks. They may not be aware of what the animal can do, and unknowingly provoke it. Still, the owner would still be held liable.

If you sustain significant injuries following an animal attack or dog bite, it can result in more than just pain and suffering. Costs for treatment, lost wages and future rehabilitation and surgeries may be required, impacting you financially as well. If the injury is severe enough, it may warrant a lawsuit, in which you sue the responsible owner for negligence and personal injury. In order to do so, you'll need the help of a specialized dog and animal bite lawyer/attorney.

Figuring out whether an owner was aware of an animals dangerous potential can be difficult. The question that is most asked is whether the owner knew of the potential for harm, or whether the owner only knew that the type of pet is potentially harmful. Most courts in Pennsylvania believe that a dog owner is responsible for both the general and possible potential for their own animals to cause harm. Even if an owner of a dangerous breed of dog had never seen their pet act violently, the owner may still be held liable because the tendency of that particular type of animal is known to be dangerous. Such knowledge is called constructive notice.

It is vital to take the necessary steps to not only having the dog bite treated, but also in preserving any evidence of the attack that can assist with building your case. Seeking medical attention promptly is the most important, because a wound may not seem severe on the outside, but could become infected and worsen if not treated properly. A strain of staph known as MRSA is a common bacteria found in animal bite injuries. Injuries that seem superficial may overlay possible fractures, involve lacerated tendons, vessels or nerves and have far greater effects that are first realized.

It is highly recommended to hire a lawyer or attorney specializing in dog and animal bite law, however personal injury lawyers can be helpful as well. Be sure that your lawyer has a solid history of animal bite cases and a good reputation in the courtroom. To find an experienced dog and animal bite lawyer or attorney in Pennsylvania, visit the American Bar Association website. Access the ABA lawyer locator to browse through personal injury and dog/animal bite lawyer and attorney profiles in your area.


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