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After the destructive tornado of 2003, Oklahoma state officials created a tax credit to help any families having experienced property damage. The credit was valid for utilization of property building no later than December 31, 2005. If found using this credit improperly, however, an Oklahoma resident or business found themselves facing penalties from the IRS, among other agencies. With all types of tax credits, there was hearsay and speculation involved on what was improper use of the funds. In many such instances, Oklahoma residents facing penalty found that enlisting the services of a local tax attorney was a useful tool. This is only one example of how an Oklahoma tax attorney can be used, though.

The job of a tax attorney is to represent clients facing significant tax trouble, or assist in taking steps to prevent a problem from occurring. In both cases, knowledge of Oklahoma tax law is essential, and tax attorneys use such insight to adapt legal maneuverings commonly used to build a defense in a tax case.

In cases of fraud, delinquencies, and evasion, a tax attorney is essential to the client's defense. His intimate knowledge of Oklahoma tax law is vital. Oftentimes, these cases end in settlement outside of the courtroom. In the event of a trial, however, the attorney can effectively represent his clients using the research, investigation, and even consultations with tax officials. These devices combine to eventually form the basis of a defense that best benefits each individual client.

Tax evasion/fraud occurs when an individual or business purposefully avoids obliging to the payment of federal, state, or local taxes through illegal methods. Methods of tax evasion include overstating deductions or declaring a lesser income, gains, and profits than actually attained. Tax evasion is not something taken lightly fines, prison time and asset forfeiture are strictly enforced in tax-related crimes.

If you have been notified that you will face an audit, a tax attorney can help you prepare your financial records, prepare you for the process and sit by your side throughout the dilemma. For those charged with tax-related crimes, you may have no choice but to seek out an attorney to defend your financial freedom. Small business owners and self-employed citizens can avoid a myriad of problems by ensuring that they are meeting all of their tax burdens. The laws are complicated and change often, making the need for a professional who knows the system and is able to decipher the many rules and regulations crucial to a successful defense.

Prevention is another area in which a tax attorney can greatly assist his clients, businesses and individuals alike. The Oklahoma tax attorney does this with efficient estate planning, for example. Oklahoma has inheritance laws that were unaffected by the federal estate tax phase-out. Proper estate planning can minimize the tax liability for many of the client's descendants. Strategic estate planning can also lighten the tax liability of some clients while they are living. Prevention methods can also help businesses in the form of employment withholding and benefit planning. A tax attorney can use the law to his client's benefit, simultaneously avoiding common tax pitfalls.

A tax attorney's job takes on many forms, but the result is still the same they work in the best interest of their clients. An intimate knowledge of the law is key, but it is the use of that knowledge that allows the tax attorney to do his or her job effectively. Those with tax trouble, as well as those with complex financial situations, should consult an attorney who is well-versed in Oklahoma law. It is the best way to avoid a terrible tax situation or get out of one.