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South Carolina residents file the most amount of electronic income tax returns every year. With so many paperless returns, the potential for error is quite significant. If one of these errors result in a delinquent return or two it may be a good idea to consult a tax attorney to know what your options are.

A tax attorney can ensure you rights are protected and that you have options to correct your error. If you are a small business owner, you may want to invest in year-round tax attorney help to help with your filings. Avoiding costly tax errors can save you a lot of unnecessary heartache and potential fines, many of which are strictly enforced by the IRS. Even if you employ an accountant, having a tax attorney review your records periodically to ensure you are meeting your obligations can be an added layer of security from the IRS. The complexity of the tax system in America means most of us will need some help with our taxes and any follow up audits or problems. Hiring a tax attorney as soon as you know there is a problem can save you from fines that tend to have a snowball effect and waste time. The sooner you can get experience on your, side the better off your defense against the IRS will be.

South Carolina tax attorneys are equipped with the expertise and the knowledge to unravel any tax mess. They can defend those years of delinquent property tax returns and possibly help the taxpayer avoid unnecessary jail time or an exorbitant fine. They can also help plan the client's estate so that his descendant can freely divide the inheritance without worry, as South Carolina has no estate or inheritance tax. The tax attorney can customize his client's case to fit the situation and the person it affects.

Those are examples of the two ways which the tax attorney plies his or her trade. They are advocates for their client and preparers of preventative tax measures. Both options are available to private and business clients. As a planner for the business client, a tax attorney can provide payroll and benefit planning services, as well as consultations on property taxes. The private clients can profit from estate planning services and property tax consultations, also.

As an advocate, he can negotiate with tax officials to either expunge a tax case or a settlement that can benefit both parties. During the settlement process, the tax attorney's knowledge of South Carolina state and local tax laws are a great asset, as is his expertise with federal tax law. This knowledge combines with diligent research, investigation and other forms of evidence gathering to provide a defense that is tailored to each client's individual situation. If the settlement process fails, the tax attorney is always prepared for a courtroom defense of his clients. Because a trial is often lengthy and expensive, many tax attorneys try to avoid such an outcome.

A tax attorney is a great ally when up against South Carolina state and local tax law. His valuable skill can greatly relieve a client's tax burden before a crisis with accurate planning, and after a crisis with a strategic defense. Consult a tax attorney before trying to unravel South Carolina's tax laws on your own.

When you hire a tax attorney, make sure they are members of the South Carolina Bar Association and the American Bar Association. Verify that they have extensive experience with the IRS, and make sure you understand the terms of payment before you sign any agreement.

Don't face this difficult situation alone. Get a professional in your corner and before you know it ,this problem will be behind you and you can move on.