Benzene Law Firm Overview

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Benzene is a highly toxic compound that was used for more than 100 years in a number of foods, products, and industrial practices. It is highly dangerous, especially when the exposure occurs in large quantities or through prolonged exposure; however, its effects were not known for many years. The use of benzene became widely regulated in 1970, when leukemia deaths were found to be directly caused by the benzene compound. Following this discovery, certain regulations were instituted in the United States as a precaution to protect the public from any benzene exposure risks. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has also regulated benzene use in workplaces such as factories, as well. While these regulations have helped, there are still risks associated with it. Some employers neglect to comply with these standards, putting their workers at great risk.

Benzene exposure and subsequent poisoning can happen in three different ways: inhalation (breathing it in), ingestion (eating or drinking something tainted by benzene) or by absorbing it through the skin. Inhalation is the most common way for people to become poisoned, especially in factories and manufacturing processes. Benzene can also be found in household cleaning products and plastics, but these are not dangerous unless ingested or extracted directly. The compound does occur naturally, but again, is not harmful in small exposures.

Being exposed to benzene can lead to a variety of illnesses and diseases. Diseases such as aplastic anemia, and cancers such as leukemia are just two of the large number of cancers that have been traced back to Benzene exposure. The reason for the development of these conditions is that benzene attacks the bone marrow system and alters the way blood cells are produced. With these functions impaired, the body becomes more prone to developing other diseases, as our blood cells are the main line of defense against infection. This is just one example of the many life-threatening conditions brought about by exposure to benzene.

Since there is a large amount of benzene present in a number of industrial workplaces, many workers have developed cancer and other serious illnesses due to benzene exposure. This, in turn, has motivated many workers to file lawsuits against their old employers; benzene lawsuits number among some of the most common and most frequently argued personal injury cases in the country. If you are currently in a situation dealing with the repercussions of benzene exposure, exposure that happened at your place of work and could have been prevented by your employer, then you have grounds to file a lawsuit against them.

Benzene Law Firms
When filing a lawsuit against your employer for damages related to benzene exposure, it is important to have a team on your side who is familiar with the specific processes that come with these kinds of legal proceedings. There are many law firms who are dedicated to cases just like these; having someone with this specific knowledge will help you a great deal when it comes to the little nuances regarding the subject of benzene exposure, personal injury law, and workers' compensation.

When determining which lawyer or law firm to choose, consider these key factors. The first principle that should be high on your list is experience. A lawyer who is experienced in cases like yours will most likely be able to get you a better outcome in terms of compensation. Benzene lawsuits and court cases are very unique and need to be handled in a way that is different from the average lawsuit.

In addition to experience, it is also important that the law firm you choose has a proven history of positive results in the courtroom. A consistent record of positive results will increase the likelihood of your case being won. Getting the right people on your side is essential to your case and your future. Benzene exposure and injury cases can be long and tedious. By doing your research and choosing your representation carefully, you have a better chance of getting a verdict or a settlement in your favor.