Benzene Lawyer Overview

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Benzene exposure is a serious problem facing many people today. The deleterious effects of the chemical were unknown for over 100 years, causing it to be used in a number of different products that were brought into our homes, as well as in processes that exposed thousands of workers on a daily basis for many years. When the effects of Benzene were made known, the use of the chemical became highly regulated. Although it has been regulated for many decades, there are still thousands of cases of Benzene poisoning each year.

Workers who are employed in industries that frequently use Benzene, such as oil refineries, chemical plants, and gasoline companies, are at the greatest risk for exposure to high levels of Benzene. The World Health Organization estimates that Benzene exposure in the workplace is responsible for thousands of cancer deaths worldwide every year. In addition to inhalation, which is how many industrial workers are exposed, Benzene can also be ingested or absorbed through the skin.

Before its effects were known, Benzene was once added to coffee sweeteners and other foods that required sweetening. Over time, people who consumed these foods and beverages may develop symptoms due to heavy exposure. There have also been cases of exposure through drinking water, as emissions from plants or factories are absorbed into the drinking water and groundwater. It is also present in a number or household plastics, so eating or drinking something with Benzene in it is a fairly common occurrence. Absorption through the skin is more rare, but it can happen. Poisoning is even more of a risk if the skin is broken or wounded and the chemical is rubbed in through the area, mixed in with another material that may be quick to absorb.

Benzene Lawyers
Benzene is a harsh chemical and can have dire effects on one's health. Prolonged exposure may lead someone to develop rapid or irregular heart rate, convulsions, dizziness, tremors, sleeplessness, vomiting, and very serious conditions such as anemia and even cancer. Benzene attacks the marrow of our bones, causing the systems that regulate blood production to shut down or not function properly, which may lead to the cancer known as leukemia.

Businesses and manufacturers have known the dangers of Benzene and the effects of exposure, but have still allowed employees to be exposed to it for years. Although its use is highly regulated, there are still many instances where people are exposed and can be at risk from prolonged exposure. If you suspect that your employer is at fault for Benzene exposure that could have been prevented, and which resulted in your injury or illness, you may have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. It is the responsibility of your employer to ensure your safety, to take measures to minimize exposure, and to follow the standards set forth by the government. If they fail to do so, the may be deemed negligent. This can be grounds for injury or wrongful death legal action.

The first thing you need to do is contact a lawyer or attorney. Many of them offer free consultations, not only for you to get to know them, but for them to hear your case and tell you up front if your case is valid or not. You will need a lawyer with the knowledge, experience and resources who will work for you to protect your rights. Look for a lawyer you has extensive experience, and a history of winning cases, in personal injury cases, specifically Benzene exposure cases, tort litigation or environmental law.

Your lawyer may have you tested by a medical professional to determine your exposure amounts. He or she will also go into great detail to find out every instance where you may have been exposed. These are all ways to make sure your case is valid, and to make sure you have a better chance of receiving your compensation. It will require extensive work on your attorney's part in order to go up against the responsible party and seek the compensation you deserve; with an experienced lawyer on your side, you have a better chance of winning your case.