Brain Injury In Children

Your child is the most important part of your life, and their health and well-being are important to you. So often a child can incur a brain injury and yet there are no signs signaling something may be wrong. If you think that the injury is not serious and fail to seek medical attention, the resulting issues can be detrimental to the child's development and future health. Brain injury in children can often happen during childbirth or shortly after, and can be a traumatic event. Especially in difficult deliveries, the risk of brain injury is much higher for the baby. Whatever the case, when your child has an accident that results in brain injury you need the law on your side to help guide you through this event.

Even in the hospital, doctors and nurses can overlook signs of a head or brain injury. All too often, the result of a difficult delivery can be cerebral palsy (CP). Cerebral palsy is a permanent disability, varying in severity, but always hard to deal with. Sometimes, signs of CP may not begin to show until the child begins to develop and grow. You may be unsure of where and how to recognize the symptoms of brain injury in your child. Here are some signs and symptoms of brain injury in children.

Scalp swelling - When a child has scalp swelling they would show a large bump on the head. While not always an issue, this can sometimes be a sign of a larger issue that will need medical attention. Since it is a sign of bleeding under the skin, swelling should be taken seriously.

Loss of consciousness - If your child lost consciousness at any time during the injury you should seek medical attention.

Headache and Irritability - These can be a sign of brain injury in young children.

Seizures - This only appears after an injury in most cases. Any time your child has a brain injury, a CT scan should be performed.

Concussion - If your child is confused or cannot remember what happened after a loss of consciousness or a serious injury, they should be examined at a hospital.

All of these things are signs that your child needs to be checked out at a hospital. If a brain injury is found, prolonged physical therapy may be required for them. Physical therapy and other treatments can be very expensive. Rehabilitation of a child who has suffered a brain injury that results in permanent damage is necessary, but is often also very costly. If the accident was caused because of somebody's negligence, you and your child may be able to recover damages and compensation. An attorney can help you decide whether or not you have a case, and can help you bring that case to court. Your attorney will also help you with all the necessary court documents and other paperwork.

The last thing that you need when your child is hurt is a lawyer who fails to get you the compensation that you and your child deserve. It is imperative that you find the right lawyer for your situation. Research the lawyers near you who specialize in this field, and find the right lawyer for you. Get help, so that you can help bring your child back to optimum well being. Take the first step towards recovering the money that you need for your child right now. You will be glad that you did.


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