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In the state of Florida, 370,000 people are currently living with a traumatic brain-injury related disability. According to the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), it is estimated that more than 50,000 people die as a result of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in America each year, and someone falls victim to a traumatic brain injury every 21 seconds. Across the nation, 5.3 million Americans live with conditions resulting from TBI that affect work life, family life, and social activity.

Acquired brain injury, open or closed head injury, or traumatic brain injury may occur as soon as the head hits a hard surface or is otherwise impacted. Brain injury can be caused by anything from a slight fracture to penetration of the skull. In some cases, traumatic brain injury is not detected until well after the accident by which time swelling and bleeding, into and around the brain, may have already taken place. Brain injuries are typically classified as mild, moderate, or severe. Their effects can be short-term, lifelong, or fatal.

There are many different causes for traumatic brain injuries, with motor vehicle accidents causing around 28 percent of them, though it is considered they are the reason for 49 percent of brain injuries; sports and physical activity make up another 20 percent; assaults 9 percent; and 43 percent for other unspecified reasons.

The costs of a traumatic brain injury can be very high, with a lifetime cost for one person surviving from a severe traumatic brain injury reaching $4 million, and the direct and indirect costs of traumatic brain injuries estimated at $48.3 billion annually in the United States.

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident resulting in brain injury on any level you should contact a Florida brain injury lawyer to help you recover damages suffered. While no amount of money can reverse the effects of a traumatic brain injury, it can certainly help cover current and future medical expenses resulting from the accident. In some cases, the victim may even be able to recover monies for pain and suffering.

Recently in Florida, a 22-year-old aspiring model is now unable to walk, talk, or use one of her hands due to brain injury. She is restricted to a wheelchair and suing a large manufacturing company. The injury occurred when she had lost control of her car and crashed into a tree, causing a traumatic brain injury. She now has to pay thousands of dollars a month for therapy. Apparently, when she had bought the car, she had asked the salesman if the car had side air bags, and he told her it did, when it actually did not. The air bags could have helped to prevent some of her injuries.

It's best not to wait to contact a brain injury lawyer or attorney, as the statute of limitations to file your claim in the state of Florida is just four years. Procrastinating could be costly and hinder your case in many ways. When searching for a brain injury lawyer, look for one who is experienced and successful. You might want to begin your search at the American Bar Association website.

Finding a lawyer with whom you are comfortable with and trust is important. They can play a large role when it comes to relieving some of the stress that is associated with a brain injury and the legal proceedings that may follow. While you focus on your recovery, they focus on getting you the fair compensation that you are owed.


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