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Traumatic brain injuries cause memory loss, speech, sight and hearing problems, seizures, attentional difficulties, as well as severe mood swings. These types of injuries are physically, emotionally and financially detrimental, and it's wise to seek counsel when they occur. If you have suffered from a debilitating brain injury in the state of Nebraska, the most important thing is to seek medical attention. It's also very important, however, to consult with an attorney to find out if you may have a valid claim against the person or persons who contributed to your injury.

Brain injuries are some of the most serious injuries that a person can suffer. For that reason, brain injury lawsuits are among the most complicated to litigate. If you have endured an injury to the brain, or even just an injury to the head which may result in a brain injury, it's important that you seek medical treatment immediately and legal help soon thereafter.

Brain injury is considered a personal injury case and most attorneys that specialize in brain injury law will take the case on a contingency fee basis.

A personal injury is defined as an injury to the emotions, mind, or body, as opposed to an injury to a piece of property. It usually is referred to a lawsuit that involves a plaintiff who has been injured due to another person's carelessness. Specifically, the symptoms of a brain injury vary from person to person, and as a result have a different consequence for each individual. A few of these symptoms may include difficulties with speech or sight, the inability to taste, memory loss, seizures, attentional issues and severe mood swings, just to name a few.

Representing a brain injury case may be vastly different, and more complex, than representing other types of legal cases, even medical cases. After all, a brain injury directly impacts a person's life, is extremely traumatic for the suffering individual and his or her family, and may have serious long-term consequences. That's why you need an attorney who is not only knowledgeable about personal injury law, but who also has specific experience in litigating cases involving brain injury.

Nebraska law says that you have to prove that the person who caused your injury was negligent and failed to use reasonable care. You must prove that you have suffered damages, that the person owed you the duty to take care of you, that the person who caused the injury failed to carry out that duty, and that the other person's failure caused your injury.

If the injury was due to your carelessness, or you contributed to the injury, the State of Nebraska implements a modified comparative fault rule. By this rule, you cannot recover any damages if you were 50% or more at fault. Under the Nebraska comparative negligent law, if you were 49% or less at fault, then you may recover damages.

If there is more than one individual who is negligent toward you, each of those individuals found negligent toward you is responsible for only a proportional amount of the total damages.

In the state of Nebraska, there is a statute of limitations which is four years to file a lawsuit against the individual who caused your injury. If your brain injury lawyer is not able to settle the case with the insurance company, then you will have to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitation runs out.

Under Nebraska law, the person who caused you injury must pay for your past, current and future estimated medical expenses, time lost from work, including time spent attending medical appointments and therapy, the cost of hiring anyone to help you, any permanent disability, emotional distress, and any future earning ability lost due to the injury.


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