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Unfortunately, brain injuries can be one of the most traumatic types of injuries to deal with. If you have experienced any kind of accident or injury which may have affected your brain, it's imperative that you see a doctor as soon as possible for a full evaluation of your physical and mental processes. You should also consult a qualified brain injury attorney. If your accident was due to the negligence of someone else, you may have a valid personal-injury lawsuit. Your attorney can help you determine the type and amount of compensation to which you may be entitled for the suffering you have undergone as a result of your brain injury.

Brain injury is considered a personal injury case and most attorneys that specialize in brain injury law will take the case on a contingency fee basis. They will not accept any money, unless you win your case. The easiest way to locate an attorney with the experience you need, is to check out the American Bar Association (ABA) website. The locator there will enable you to find a professional in your area who can answer your questions, and help you win the compensation you deserve.

Although there is nothing that can be done to reverse your brain injury, or its devastating effects on your well-being, the culpable parties involved in your accident can be held accountable. If your brain injury can be determined to have been caused by the negligence of another individual or party, you have a right to know. You also have a right to seek financial compensation for that injury not only for your medical costs and lost wages, but also for any pain or potential long-term effects that stemmed from the brain injury.

In the state of North Carolina, you have to prove that the person who caused the injury was negligent, that you have suffered damages, and that the other person's failure caused your injury.

Damages for injuries such as brain injuries can include lost wage compensation, medical bill compensation, and even compensation for pain and suffering which can include mental or emotional suffering. If your life has been turned upside down by a brain injury, and if your well-being or quality of life has suffered or will suffer permanently, you deserve to pursue compensation from the negligent party.

If you are the one who is found to be careless or your carelessness was what contributed to your injury, you may not be permitted to recover any damages under the North Carolina contributory negligent law. The law also states that if there are two individuals whose carelessness is responsible for your injury, each individual is liable to you for a portion of the damages.

In the state of North Carolina, the statute of limitations gives you three years to file a lawsuit against the individual who caused you injury. If your brain injury lawyer is not able to settle the case with the insurance company, then you will have to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations runs out. That may be tricky.

If your brain injury can be determined to have been caused by the negligence of another individual or party, you have a right to know. Under North Carolina law, the person who caused you injury has to pay for your past, current and future estimated medical expenses, time lost from work, including time spent to attend medical appointments and therapy, the cost of hiring anyone to help you, any permanent disability, emotional distress, and any future earning ability that is lost due to the injury.


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