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Vehicular accidents are the number one cause of personal injury claims filed in courts all over the United States. This is largely because of the increasing number of car accidents that occur each year. There are an estimated six million car and truck accidents every year in the U.S., with at least once occurring every 60 seconds. These accidents result in more than three million injuries and tens of thousands of lives lost. A car accident not only affects a person physically, but emotionally and financially as well. Many victims are turning for help from car accident lawyers in their area to file personal injury claims against the drivers responsible for these accidents.

Legal measures can be taken when you or another passenger has been injured in a car accident. Car accident lawyers can be hired to file personal injury claims against the other party. Car accident lawyers can also file a wrongful death suit if someone was killed in the accident as a result of another person's negligence. Personal injury lawsuits and settlements seek compensation for a victim through a large sum of money. This sum is usually comprised of the amounts owed for medical bills, vehicle repairs (if any), lost wages, rehabilitation and pain and suffering. When choosing a lawyer to represent you, it is best to find one who not only specializes in car accident cases, but also someone who has a strong record of winning them.

A car accident lawyer will be able to help you out in determining if the accident constitutes a personal injury claim. A simple act of admitting that you too were speeding or were doing something wrong can mean there are no grounds for a successful case. If your case is valid, he or she can help prove that you were in no way responsible for the accident that caused your injuries and that it was really the negligent party, so you are able to get the just compensation that you deserve.

In the case of a wrongful death claim, a car accident lawyer who is experienced in this field will be able to give you advice on whether it is lawful for you to file that claim; the claim also depends on the circumstances that surrounds the death. Once it has been established that the death of your loved one was really a direct result of a car accident that was not their fault, then a good car accident lawyer will stick by you until compensation for your loss and grief can be obtained. Although it is quite hard to prove the negligence of the responsible party unless there are witnesses who will be able to attest to the innocence of your loved one in the accident, or until the negligent party accepts the blame, it is necessary to get a car accident lawyer who has the track record of being able to investigate these situations and winning his or her cases in court. He or she will do whatever is necessary to prove that you or your loved one was the aggrieved party in the accident, so that you will be able to get the compensation that is rightfully yours.

A good car accident lawyer/attorney should not hesitate to help you file the claim as soon as he or she sees that you have justifiable cause to do so, even if you do not have much to pay. There are many lawyers who will work on a contingency basis, only seeking payment if they can win your case because they are that confident in their abilities. When choosing a lawyer to represent you, choose someone you feel comfortable with and someone who is reputable with a strong history. You will have a better chance at winning your case and moving on with your life.


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