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The proximity of Delaware to Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia, make the state's northern region an important conduit for transportation. The interstate route that runs through the state serves a great amount of traffic to and from these heavily populated areas while its other highways, freeways and roads also serve as arteries for a lot of people to travel throughout the northeast and the Atlantic Seaboard.

This great amount of traffic means that a sizable number of vehicular accidents were happen in the state. In 2004 alone, there were 134 vehicular accidents in Delaware that resulted in fatalities. Speeding resulted in more than 40 accidents. Innocent pedestrians were also recorded to have died because of these accidents. An estimated $700 million was also lost to these vehicular accidents.

Victims of car accidents are entitled to seek compensation for the injuries that they sustained, as well as for the losses and damages that were incurred. If you were the victim of a car accident that was not your fault, contact a Delaware auto injury law firm now so they can guide you in the process of filing a claim against the responsible party. An experienced car accident attorney will be able to provide you with pertinent information related to your seeking monetary restitution that is meant to cover medical bills and wages lost at work during the accident, the treatment and recuperation periods.

However, before you contact a Delaware auto injury lawyer, make sure that you have all the information regarding the other driver involved in the mishap, as well as the circumstances surrounding the incident, written down. Another important thing that you must do is to get the names and contact numbers of the witnesses. This makes it easier for your attorney to establish that you were not responsible for the accident and are entitled to compensation for the injuries that you sustained. Damage to your car and other losses should also be covered by the compensation.

When it comes to awarding compensation, a judge will decide who's at fault for an accident. Protect yourself from vindictive drivers by listening to eye witnesses and simply giving your view of the events to an officer on the scene. Sometimes shock can take over, and you may not be able to recall exactly what happened. This is understandable; again, only give your recollection of events. You don't want to make a statement about the way you think events played out, only to realize afterward from witnesses that you were wrong. Before you make any move when it comes to these kinds of incidents, it is best that you contact a Delaware auto injury lawyer first. They will be able to put the pieces of the incident together to establish who was at fault. Let the courts decide who was at fault after sorting out the accident and assessing liability.

There are many law firms in Delaware that specialize in car accident cases and they train their lawyers to become experts in such situations. These lawyers are very well informed on the traffic rules, as well as on how to deal with car insurance companies. If you are also being sued by the other driver of the accident that you figured in, a Delaware auto injury lawyer will also be able to help you avoid being stuck with costly.


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