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The yearly influx of tourists, as well as the addition of commuting students on their way to the many colleges and universities of Florida, leads to heavy congestion of the roads throughout the state. Even with a number of interstates and highways running throughout the state like veins, the overcrowding that occurs on Florida's streets cannot be helped. Because of this, it is nearly unavoidable that quite a large number of road accidents are recorded in the state yearly. An increase of two percent was noted between the car accident figures in 2003 and 2004, with 2003 showing 3,169 accidents that resulted in fatalities and 2004 having 3,244. Forty-three percent of these accidents involved other moving vehicles. In 2004 alone, there were 1,260 deaths as a result of moving car accidents.

The consequences of these roadside accidents are often devastating, especially to the victims, and their families, of fatal crashes. And though nothing can replace a lost loved one, compensation for injuries, medical expenses, and other damages can go a long way in helping victims on the road to recovery. If you were a victim in a car accident or if you lost a loved one as the result of one, you are entitled to get compensation not only to reimburse your medical expenses, but also to cover the other costs and damages incurred. If this is the case, then contact a Florida auto injury lawyer immediately following the accident. This way, your case will be handled as quickly as possible. Every state, including Florida, has a statute limitations when it comes to the filing of compensation claims for personal injury or wrongful death. These limitations will be explained to you by the auto injury attorney that you will get.

That same Florida auto injury attorney cam also help you in determining if you really have grounds to file a claim for compensation. By retaining the services of a firm that specializes in car accidents, your lawyer will be able to answer your questions regarding the state's traffic rules and what should be done in your situation. They, in turn, will also ask you to provide pertinent information that will help establish your role in the car accident. Your lawyer will also guide and help you through the process of filing a personal injury claim against the ones responsible for the accident. They could also try to get an out-of-court settlement for you, if both of you agree that the compensation offered by the other party is enough to cover all the expenses that you incurred. This includes medical treatment bills as well as the damages to your car and the loss of income from the occurrence of the accident until the period of recuperation is through. On the other hand, a compassionate Florida auto injury lawyer will do everything in his power to bring your case to court if he feels that you deserve more and that only the courts could grant the just compensation on your case.

Money has even ceased to be a problem when it comes to seeking legal assistance regarding car accidents. This is because there are now a lot of Florida auto injury lawyers who will work on your case on contingency basis. They will not charge you for the services that they have rendered on your case until you receive compensation. The fee will usually be a percentage of the total amount of the compensation that you received.


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