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Ten interstate highways connect Iowa's bounty to the rest of the country. These highways provide a link from Iowa to the rest of the world, but of course they also present a greater risk for road accidents like car crashes. Although car crashes can be devastating to the people involved, consulting with a qualified Iowa car accident attorney can help you recover the maximum amount of compensation possible.

The first thing to do after the accident is to seek medical attention, even if you do not have any immediate injuries. There is always a possibility that the accident will lead to a condition or injury that will not manifest itself immediately, and you may be able to recover compensation for that injury in the future, but only if you have seen a doctor.

After you have had a physical examination, contact an attorney. It's usually not necessary to pay any fees up front, since the attorney will offer you an initial consultation free of charge. If the attorney decides that you have a valid case, he or she will take the case on contingency, meaning that you will not have to make any payment until you receive a settlement or award, at which time the attorney will take a percentage of your award as their fee.

In Iowa, the statute of limitations on filing a lawsuit for damages incurred in a car accident is two years. This means that you have two years from the date of the accident to begin the proceedings of your lawsuit. Unfortunately, car accident claim cases can take a very long time, so it's important that you contact a lawyer as soon as possible. You don't even need to travel to the attorney's office; most attorneys will arrange for the consultation to take place in your home or hospital room if you have been severely injured.

If the adjuster for the negligent party's insurance company contacts you before you have secured the services of an attorney, it's important not to speak with them. The adjuster will attempt to get a statement from you that can be used against you during the settlement, in order for the company to avoid paying out large sums. Rather than run this risk, let your attorney take care of all communications with the insurance company.

Many car accident cases never go to court, but are actually resolved by an out-of-court settlement. Your attorney will handle all the paperwork associated with your case and negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf. If your case does go to court, however, your attorney will be by your side every step of the way.

You may be entitled to recover substantial damages for your car accident, including compensation for the vehicle itself if the vehicle was damaged, medical expenses, time lost from work, and pain and suffering. Loss of consortium compensation is also possible if you have experienced the loss of a loved one in a vehicular accident.


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