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The practice of driving an automobile is invariably dangerous, with the consequences ranging from the very basic to the most severe. Driver education classes, traffic schools, practice tests, and defensive driver courses are all available in the state of Kentucky; however, no matter the number of precautions taken, accidents involving automobiles are an unavoidable, tragic part of life.

Over 123,000 collisions occurred in Kentucky during 2007, and of that number, 802 accidents resulted in one or more fatalities. And while fatalities are, without question, the worst of the ramifications involved with automobile accidents, there are many more to consider; car accidents resulting in injury which there were 25,952 of in Kentucky during 2007 can lead to permanent disability, loss of work, discontinuance of pursuit of work, and costly medical bills associated with initial treatment and long-term rehabilitation. With so much at risk, it is important for car accident victims to determine who was at fault.

While most insurance companies are willing to pay for proven car damages, there is a plethora of other costs they may not cover, so hiring a Kentucky attorney specialized in car accidents can prove critical. Initial hospital bills and future costs related to mental anguish, physical therapy, return treatments, and disability equipment like crutches, breathing machines, and wheel chairs can cost thousands of dollars. A qualified accident attorney with experience in car accidents on Kentucky's roadways can make sure the negligent party is responsible for the bills not the victim.

The first step in determining liability in a car accident is keeping thorough documentation of the accident. Although it may seem hard to do at the time, properly documenting intersections, nearby traffic lights and signs, your speed of travel, the vehicle maneuvers, and the safety regulations obeyed or disobeyed by the other vehicle can lead to proving fault on the negligent party's behalf. If an accident is so severe that recalling the accident is impossible, it is important to consult with first responders and vehicle insurance companies who may have arrived at the scene of the accident as soon as possible.

With proper information and documents, a car accident attorney can prove negligence on the behalf of the other driver involved in the collision or the municipality enforcing highway safety in the region of the crash. Very often negligence is easy to prove take, for example, a DWI crash where local police determine a driver was over the limit but for complex cases, no matter how minor the damage to the car or passengers, an attorney can take the necessary steps to prove your innocence. They are equipped with the knowledge required to build a strong case, including the presentation of evidence, prior driver convictions, and expert testimony. While representing your case, car accident attorneys can provide medical documents to show the court how much money future medical expenses will cost so the benefits are long-term. If a physician feels a future surgery may be needed to properly repair an injured part of the body, a Kentucky car accident lawyer can make sure the cost is included in your settlement.

If you are not satisfied with the payout an insurance company is offering, contacting a car accident attorney can ensure proper compensation is met. Many Kentucky car accident lawyers will offer a free consultation, so you won't invest a dime before you know that your innocence can be adequately proven. All too often injured drivers think short-term and overlook being undercut on compensation, but car accident attorneys do not they can make sure that justice upholds the right of the individual, and see to it that your case is not ignored.


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