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According to a Montana auto injury lawyer, having a good attorney and being educated on what to do after a car incident can ease a lot of the worry you may have following a car accident, minor or severe. Reading up on things that you should do does not mean you are expecting a car accident to occur. However, it is always better to be prepared for whatever life has in store, and that includes being involved in a car accident. Following such an event, having an experienced car accident lawyer/attorney on your side will be a big help when it comes to the legal matters you will face.

The first thing to do following a car accident is, of course, to seek medical treatment. If emergency providers are not called to the scene, you will want to visit the emergency room, an urgent-care clinic or your family physician in order to have a complete physical examination.

Next, the thing to do is to notify your insurance company. Tell your insurance agent the details of the accident as it happened and the extent of your injuries, as well as those of other passengers that may have been involved. If you lie to your insurance company and you get caught, you risk being denied coverage for the accident. Make sure you have supporting documents when you interact with your insurance provider, such as the police report and witness accounts.

You may also want to consult with a car accident attorney, to find out if you may have a valid claim. Especially if someone else was at fault for your car accident, you may be able to recover damages. Your car accident attorney needs the information about your treatment and injuries to not only provide proof of harm but also to catalog the expenses you garnered from treatments, which will be a part of what you receive for compensation and damages in your settlement. This will be important data, not only for your attorney, but also for your insurance company and the court. Take all documentation, including your medical records, with you to the initial consultation that your attorney will schedule.

As soon as possible, take pictures of the damage done to your vehicle after the car accident. Your car accident attorney can advise you on which photographs to take and how to take them to show the damage properly. This will also be an advantage to your case, because these photographs will most likely be entered as evidence in court. Being equipped with such proof will assist the insurance adjuster in coming up with the amount that you should be compensated for your vehicular damages. Also make sure to take pictures of your car now while it is still in good condition. This move will be helpful in showing the real extent of the damage if ever a car accident occurs.

You may also need to have your car undergo damage evaluation, which will be done by a car repair service authorized by your insurance agency. If you are unsatisfied with the way your car was assessed, then your car accident lawyer/attorney will have the resources to get it done correctly. Enlist the assistance of car dealers and have them estimate the cost of the damage of your car. Make sure that you let your insurance adjuster know about the estimates and be assertive about your concerns and your stand on the matter.

When talking about the car accident, most of the time it is better to be prudent about it. As much as possible, only talk about the car accident to your attorney, law enforcement officials and your insurance company. It is not smart to talk to another insurance company's representative about the details of the accident without the knowledge of your attorney and even your insurance provider. In case other insurance representatives get in touch with you, politely decline any communication and inform them that they need to call your lawyer or your insurance company before you can grant an interview. Make sure you obtain their contact details and pass on the information to your lawyer or insurance company.

Lastly, be advised that there is a statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit for a car accident. You only have three years from the time of the accident to file a lawsuit, so doing so sooner rather than later is necessary to guarantee maximum results.


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