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Ohio has become a passageway for a great deal of interstate traffic. The Lincoln Highway, which is reputed as the first American transcontinental route and later on became the U.S. Highway 30, goes through the state and reaches from San Francisco to New York. Aside from this major thoroughfare, there are other routes that run through the entire state. The number of routes in the state, and an influx of traffic traveling on them, has, however, increased the risk of car accidents. Traffic, weather, driver inattention, and other factors that cause accidents throughout the country certainly occur in Ohio as well.

It is estimated by the National Health Traffic Safety Administration that 80 percent of all crashes are directly related to driver inattention. Typically, cell phones and texting are the top culprits. However, not be forgotten are the dangers of driving under the influence. Recent news has stated that the Ohio laws are increasing the penalties for those convicted of drunk driving. Statistics show that approximately 36,000 motorists in Ohio have at least five drunk driving convictions. Reckless driving, such as passing irresponsibly, speeding, and erratically switching lanes can leave other drives unable to predict what a car will do, and how to prevent an accident. All of these are punishable by fines, imprisonment, and license suspension or revocation. However, the injuries and fatalities resulting from these accidents are irreversible, and can change families forever.

Today, there are a lot of lawyers who were trained to handle car accident cases. The best attorney should be the one who understands thoroughly the implications of the different injuries that might be sustained as a result of a road mishap. An experienced car accident lawyer will go the extra mile to make sure that you get the maximum compensation that will not only cover your actual expenses and lost income but also the pain and suffering that you had to go through because of your injuries, as well as the mental and emotional anguish that you have to endure.

You should not delay in going after the responsible parties for your injuries. You should contact an Ohio car accident lawyer immediately after an occurrence of a car accident, mainly because of the restrictions stipulated in the statute of limitations provided in the laws of every state have resulted in many people not being able to get the just compensation that they deserve. In most states, personal injury claims for compensation should be filed within two years of having sustained the injury. By taking this first step, you have already paved the way to getting the compensation.

If you are considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, keep the following tips in mind:

Always insist that a police report is filed, no matter how severe the accident.
Be sure to explain all of your pain and difficulties to your physician. Documentation from your physician may be admissible in court.
Keep a journal describing the way that the accident has affected your life.
Photography can be very useful in proving guilt in a court case. Take pictures of the accident scene, damages done to your vehicle, and injuries on your body such as bruising, cuts, or scars.
Save all receipts for expenses related to the auto accident, as well as receipts for prescriptions and medical bills.

Filing a personal injury claim may be in you and your family's best interest to help pay for pending medical bills, rehabilitation needs, and lost wages. An Ohio car accident lawyer can navigate your case through the legal system for you, while you focus on getting your life back on track. It is unfortunate what another driver's negligence can do to one's life, but holding them accountable is not out of reach. Local lawyers want to fight for your rights to safely drive on Ohio roadways.


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