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There are over 100 million motor vehicles on the roads in the United States. Each day, millions of Americans get in their vehicles and drive to work, the store, or a host of other locations. As they do so, it is likely that most people do not give a great deal of consideration to accidents. Unfortunately, there is always the potential of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Motor vehicle accidents occur each day on the nation's highways and interstates, as well as on rural roads. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death of people under 34. An estimated 100 people are killed in auto accidents each day, and approximately 40,000 people are killed as a result of automobile accidents each year; approximately 12.25 people per 100,00 are injured in auto accidents. Approximately 1,500 of the fatal traffic accidents each year occur in Pennsylvania.

The reality is that driving is dangerous, regardless of how long a person has been driving and how careful they are. The leading causes of automobile accidents include driver inattention, driver fatigue, alcohol, weather, speeding, and aggressive driving. Drivers can be responsible for any of these factors, as well as the victim of any of these factors.

Driver inattention is the leading cause of traffic accidents, accounting for approximately 80 percent of all accidents. This can include dialing cell phones, talking or listening on cell phones, text messaging, eating, applying makeup, reading, tuning the radio, or gawking at things happening outside the car. Nobody can drive properly when doing any of these things, as events and circumstances can change in an instant. A moment's distraction can lead to an accident.

Speeding is another significant factor in motor vehicle accidents. When people speed particularly when the weather is poor or traffic conditions are heavy, congested, or otherwise affected it reduces the amount of time available to avoid a crash. It also makes it harder to stop and can increase the crash impact, as the energy released into the crash can double.

A significant percentage of traffic accidents occur as the result of drivers driving under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol impaired driving accounts for approximately one-third of of all traffic related deaths. Most alcohol related accidents occur at night, although they do also occur during the day.

Anybody in a motor vehicle is at risk of being involved in a traffic accident. It is important to understand key risk factors to avoid accidents.

If you are involved in a traffic accident, it is advised that you speak with an attorney in Pennsylvania whose focus is motor vehicle accidents. They can guide you through the legal process and assess your claim. It is especially important to speak with a lawyer if:

It is not clear who is at fault for an accident
You are unsure how to evaluate your claim
You have a lost wages claim that is difficult to prove
Your insurance adjuster has requested you produce medical records that are from a period before your accident
You do not think you can negotiate a settlement independently
You suffered a minor injury that may be residual and you may incur future medical bills
You have significant medical bills as the result of your accident
Liability is being disputed and you feel you are not responsible for the accident

A lawyer in Pennsylvania who focuses on car accidents will help you negotiate the legal process and determine how you should best proceed. They will review your information, assess your claims, and should there be a case of driver negligence, pursue justice.

Motor vehicle accidents can be life altering. It is important to speak with a lawyer who will help ensure you receive a fair settlement and treatment you are entitled to.


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