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Sometimes incidences such as extreme weather conditions, wildlife, or debris in the road can cause an accident. Sadly, most accidents are caused by negligence by one of the drivers. The most common forms of driver negligence are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding and reckless driving. If you have been hit by a negligent driver in West Virginia, then you should consult a car accident lawyer as soon as possible. You have rights as the victim of a negligent driver, and a good lawyer will be able to help you to assert your rights. Car accidents are believed to be the number cause of unnecessary deaths.

Even though driving under the influence causes thousands of deaths per year, unfortunately that doesn't stop many people. On average over 400 people in West Virginia are killed by car crashes every year, and over 30 percent are alcohol related. It can happen in an instant, even before you have time to react. Before you know it, your car is totaled, and you are physically and emotionally shaken. Hopefully, you are not a part of the scary statistics, but if you were injured, you should consult a lawyer quickly. If you, or someone you loved where hurt in a car accident that was a direct result to driving under the influence, you may be entitled to compensation.

Another form of negligence is often referred to as reckless driving. This simply means doing anything on the road that puts both you and the other drivers at risk. This can be anything from excessive speeding, to passing on the shoulder or even running a red light. Reckless driving can also mean switching lanes often and without warning. If the other people on the road cannot accurately predict your driving, there is an increased chance of an accident.

According to the law, negligence needs to be proven either to an insurance company, or in a court. Typically negligence is when a person has chosen to not act in a responsible or safe manner. In other words when someone's negligence cause the car accident that caused harm to another, and they need to be held accountable. Police reports, eye witness testimonials, photographs, and sketches of the crash scene are common tools used to prove guilt on another party. When negligence is the cause for the accident, the injured victims may find themselves in a sea of medical bills, lost wages for rehabilitation, no drivable vehicle, and pain and suffering. Why should the victim of the accident be responsible for these financial constraints, especially when accidents are an unforeseen nuisance. If you are a victim of negligent driver, you should not be responsible for the costs that you have incurred as a result of their decision. Contacting an attorney may be the first step towards compensation.

During this difficult time you may be hesitant to contact a lawyer, however there are a few circumstances to consider when making a decision. For example, if you were moderately to seriously injured that has left you with medical bills, disabled, and rehabilitation needs. Perhaps the circumstances are rather complex, and you would like further clarification on your rights. Every state has a specific statue of limitations, and as time runs out your claim in no where close to being settled. Are there any extenuating circumstances that leave you unable to live your typical life normally, for example you may be the caregiver for a loved one, and you are no longer able to adequately care for them. Whatever the case, your life has been greatly affected and changed, all as a casualty to others negligence. Discussing your case with a lawyer may help you and your family finally moved beyond this accident with the damages you deserve. Consider contacting a lawyer if you would like to put the accident in the past.


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