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A car accident occurs every ten seconds in the United States. While some of these accidents are caused by bad weather, mechanical failure or even wildlife running into the road, most of the car accidents are caused by driver negligence. Driver negligence refers to drivers not taking proper control of their vehicles while driving. This can include speeding, swerving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and even not paying adequate attention. If you have been hit by a negligent driver in Wisconsin, you should consider contacting a local lawyer.

In each state, the statue of limitations, which governs how long a person has to pursue legal action to remedy a legal wrongdoing, is different. For Wisconsin, residents have three years to file a case against someone for personal injury lawsuits. Although recovering from an accident may take a long time, it is essential to remember that acting quickly is to your benefit. Oftentimes, winning cases require proof of negligence that need police reports, eyewitnesses, medical reports, and photographs. Therefore, the sooner you begin to collect the necessary documents, the quicker you might receive the compensation you need for your life to return to normalcy. A new car, or a repaired old one, medical bills, rehabilitation needs, and lost wages are only a few examples of costs that add up for those injured in car accidents. A Wisconsin car accident lawyer will be able to review your case and decide what course of action is best to take. If you have been hit by a negligent driver, you should not be held responsible for paying the damages, and good lawyer will be able to ensure that you don't have to.

If you were hit by a driver who was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, then you may have a very strong case. The courts have been coming down very hard on these types of offenses in recent years. Now, drivers can even get charged with manslaughter if their accident kills someone while intoxicated.
Although not as deadly as drunk driving, speeding causes a huge number of accidents every year. When drivers speed, they don't have as much time to react to circumstances on the road, which increases the risk of accidents. Reckless driving is another major cause of accidents on the road. This can include passing on the shoulder, erratic lane changing, or driver inattention. If the other drivers on the road cannot predict what you are going to do, everyone is at risk. Driving defensively may not save you or your family when the other drivers on the road can not be trusted. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 80 percent of all crashes, and 65 percent of near crashes are a result of drivers not paying full attention to driving, typically because of drowsiness or distracting use of devices.

If you are unsure if you should consult a Wisconsin lawyer or not, consider if the following circumstances apply to you or your loved ones.
Your case is complex and in need of expert advice.
You have not closed your settlement, and you are in need of the damages to cover the medical bills.
You are not confident in negotiating your own settlement.
You or your loved one have been moderately-seriously injured and medical bills are inevitable.
You have been made an offer, yet you believe that your claim is worth more.
Liability is being disputed, and you are sure that you are not responsible.
You are the primary caregiver and can no longer assist your loved ones
Because of your profession, your lost wages are difficult to prove

If you can get your lawyer to prove that the other person was driving recklessly, then you will likely win the case. They can do this by looking at the police reports, as well as eyewitness statements. The guilty party will then be responsible for covering any expenses that you had to pay for as a result of their actions. If you have been in an accident and you are not at fault, talk to a car accident lawyer in Wisconsin as soon as you can. They can go over the details and tell you if you have a viable case.


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