Celebrex Side Effects

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When Celebrex went on the market in 1999, millions of people were delighted. It was effective for treating arthritis pain, menstrual pain, and other chronic pain. Pfizer, the company that manufactured and marketed the drug, made billions of dollars within the first couple years. Millions of patients asked for it, and doctors, satisfied with the preliminary trials that had been done on the drug, happily prescribed it.

As with all drugs, new and discouraging facts later came to light. While all non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) can have some negative side effects with regard to the patient's cardiovascular and gastrointestinal systems, Celebrex was particularly harmful on the cardiovascular system. In fact, the American Heart Association has said that Celebrex should be prescribed to people with heart disease (or who are at risk to develop it) only as a last resort. Some of Celebrex's side effects have turned out to be serious, even life-threatening, and some deaths have been reported. It has been reported by Pfizer that there is an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and death among patients.

Damage to the liver and kidneys may also result. Ulcers are also common, as well as various heart-related complications. Some have felt that Pfizer sought to downplay the side effects of Celebrex, or at least their significance, in order to sell more pills. Celebrex was competing against Vioxx (which had already been recalled) at the same time, and each company wanted to make its product look as good as possible. Therefore, it has been alleged that some side effects were minimized in order to increase profits.

At least 10 Celebrex-related deaths were reported within the first year the drug was available, and more than a dozen cases of gastrointestinal hemorrhage. Eventually, the Food and Drug Administration sent Pfizer a letter, warning them about misrepresentations of Celebrex's side effects.

Some of Celebrex's side effects are normal and minimal. Diarrhea, indigestion, gas, dizziness, nausea, and headache are typical, and not usually significant. Some patients also retain water when taking Celebrex. For the most part, these problems are not a big deal. But in some patients, they can be worse. Symptoms of serious Celebrex-related problems can include difficulty breathing, tight chest, swollen eyelids or face, and hives and rashes. Some patients also reported things like weight gain, bloating, vomiting, bloody stools, yellowing of the skin and eyes, and uncommon fatigue.

If you have taken Celebrex, perhaps you experienced some of these side effects and disregarded them. Maybe the overall positive effect the drug was having on your health made the negative aspects seem worthwhile. Maybe you figured it was all part of the price to pay for pain relief. Unfortunately, some of the drug's effects can only be seen later, and only through a doctor's tests. You may not realize the damage that has been done to your stomach, intestines, heart, and other organs. If you took Celebrex for any length of time, or are taking it now, you should have your doctor give you a careful and thorough check-up. Your doctor can detect problems that may not be evident to you.

Most people are reluctant to bring lawyers into it, but thousands of people have begun to suspect that the makers of Celebrex were not entirely upfront about their drug's possible side effects. Based on the fact that Vioxx and Bextra have already been recalled, many suspect that Celebrex will be as well. If you are one of the patients who has experienced negative side effects, you ought to consult with an attorney, just to see what your options are. At the very least, you should determine where you stand and then decide whether you want to hold the pharmaceutical company liable for your pain and suffering.