Cerebral Palsy In Adults

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Cerebral palsy is a condition in which neurological disorders affect muscle control, coordination, and body movements. These disorders may start manifesting symptoms from birth until ages three or four. Children with cerebral palsy may need an extensive amount of therapy, including physical or speech therapy, and require a lot of specialized care from their parents. People inflicted with this disorder face an entirely new set of concerns once they enter adulthood.

Because cerebral palsy affects coordination in the body, many sufferers deal with muscles that are too rigid, too loose, or a combination of both. Muscles that are too rigid can cause problems during development, as bones outgrow the muscles. On the other hand, muscles that are too loose may not provide children with the support they require to withstand their own weight, making mobility particularly challenging. Physical therapy can help both children and adults who suffer with cerebral palsy.

Physical therapy is even more critical into adulthood, especially for those unable to walk. Those who lack the ability to walk often develop atrophy, which is a deterioration or loss of muscle tissue caused by inconsistent use. In these cases, surgery may be required to reverse the problem. Adults who continue to adapt and modify physical therapy treatments to improve their mobility have decreased chances of developing muscular atrophy.

Parents who have children with cerebral palsy need to carefully evaluate both the present and the future for their child. The day may come when the parent is no longer able to care for a child, and in some cases, the child may not be able to live independently, even in adulthood. Adults with severe forms of CP often rely on assisted living facilities to help them cope with symptoms. A good facility includes physical therapy programs for residents, along with psychotherapy, leisurely activities in-house, and multiple employment opportunities. Even with complications that can arise, most adults with CP can live long and fulfilling lives. When regularly scheduled therapy sessions are initiated early in life, most adults learn to accommodate for their disabilities.

Cerebral palsy is not an inherited condition. It can be caused by a number of different environmental factors, from infections that developed in the mother's womb to complications during the birthing process. If a physician hesitates in diagnosing an infection, it can damage the delicate brain tissues. Cerebral palsy can also occur during labor and delivery. Doctors who use excessive force to help deliver a trapped baby or who misuse forceps or vacuums can cause the condition. Any of these situations may be considered viable evidence for a medical malpractice lawsuit.

You may be eligible to receive compensation for medical malpractice if:
your doctor or any other medical professionals involved failed to recognize fetal distress
If your baby was not carefully monitored after being born.
If you were not properly attended to during your labor, or if you did not receive correct dosages of medications required for a healthy delivery.
Your doctor waited too long to perform an emergency c-section, and your baby suffered as a result.
Insufficient prenatal care was provided, backed up with expert testimonials
Your doctor failed to adhere to implied consent policies.
Exams, surgeries, and medical advise provided did not follow standard hospital protocol or was atypical of expert medical practice. Expert testimonials are need to validate these claims.

Now is the time to take action because once a child reaches a certain age, no claims can be filed, since states must uphold statutes of limitations laws. In order to safeguard your child's adulthood life, you must contact an attorney immediately if one of the above scenarios applies to you. Compensation may be possible if an error was made by a physician before or during birth. Once your son or daughter reaches adulthood, it is imperative to provide them with medications and therapies they require. These treatments must be on-going, and without protecting your finances, your child may be without hope in the future. You should never have to face the consequences of medical malpractice alone, and a qualified attorney can provide you with valued resources needed to make claims, receive compensation for losses, and uphold your rights.


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