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What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is the name given to a group of illnesses that cause physical debilitation in children as a result of brain trauma, which can occur before, during, or up to three years after birth. While there is no known cure for the disorder, there are treatments available to help manage the symptoms. In some cases, the child lacks the ability to move their muscles. Other symptoms include rapid, involuntary movements, lack of depth perception, poor balance, and limited coordination. CP has been closely associated with other disorders, including cognitive impairments, shaken baby syndrome, learning disabilities, seizures, and poor vision. Some cases are severe enough to be fatal.

Causes of CP:
lack of prenatal care
infections during pregnancy that slow development
head trauma during a car accident
head trauma during a fall
complications during childbirth
Drug and alcohol consumption
Medical malpractice
Incorrect administering of medication during childbirth
Premature birth
Dropping the baby

Is Medical Malpractice at Fault?
Medical malpractice can be hard to determine, particularly since not all doctors practice by the same techniques. You may be able to hold your doctor liable for injuries your child acquired if:
You doctor did not practice implied consent. Implied consent is a broad term defined as permission granted from the patient using spoken words, signs, or silence. Prior to conducting any exam, procedure, or surgery, a doctor must explain what it is he or she intends to do and the possible consequences and side effects of such actions. By doing so, an implied consent suggests that the patient has agreed to continue the procedures without having to sign a waiver. If a doctor neglects to follow these rules during prenatal exams, he or she can be held liable for injuries acquired during the developmental stages, as no real permission has ever been granted.
An inexperienced doctor may suggest an unusual operation or conduct other procedures that are atypical of hospital standards. There are countless reasons why this scenario might occur. Most commonly, a doctor's performance is under par because of overwork and exhaustion. Even if an action is unintentional, a doctor can be held liable for medical mistakes if they directly go against expert testimonials. This evidence is required for the case to hold up in court.
If medicines or drugs are improperly administered during labor, responsible parties may be held accountable.
Hospitals are fast-paced, hectic environments. In an effort to save time, doctors and other responsible parties may rush through deliveries, creating complication during childbirth that go untreated. In this instance, negligence has occurred, and those involved in the delivery process are to blame.

In any of these scenarios, a hospital can be held legally responsible. Cerebral palsy is a lifelong disorder, which forces a family to suffer from long-term emotional distress. Medical expenses for treatments, technology, and services accrued because of the disorder are financially draining to a family. It is imperative to contact a birth injury attorney if you feel you have suffered as a result of medical malpractice. Washington DC attorneys can help you determine steps to take when filing a lawsuit against the responsible parties. Your attorney can locate investigators, conduct background checks, and decide if a feasible claim can be made. More importantly, you can receive compensation for the emotional adversity you and your child face.


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