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After the difficult diagnosis that your child has a condition called cerebral palsy (CP), an injury to the brain that affects muscle movement and coordination, you may be asking yourself a lot of questions, including how this happened, and how you are going to pay for the services that your child will need. In search for answers to these common questions, you may find yourself examining the birthing process that took place. Many times during the birth, there may have been a critical mistake that could have led to this diagnoses. Understanding what cerebral palsy is and how it will change the life of your family can help you begin the process of fighting for your family's rights and well-being.

There are many ways a child can develop CP and many of them are completely preventable. CP can be caused while the child is in the womb or during birth, as well as during the first three years of the infant's life. One of the leading causes of CP prior to birth is the abuse of alcohol, drugs, and nicotine by the pregnant mother. If the mother has a sexually transmitted disease, this can lead to a diagnosis of CP as well. A few examples of the leading diseases that cause CP are AIDS and syphilis. Poor nutrition during pregnancy and a damaged placenta can also contribute risks of CP.

Many causes of cerebral palsy still go unknown, but unfortunately some cases are caused by medical malpractice. Several errors can occur to cause your child to have cerebral palsy. A baby that is left in the birth canal too long with a lack of oxygen is one potential danger. Another cause can be the doctor's failure to detect a prolapsed cord, or a seizure during pregnancy. Excessive use of vacuum and forceps for fetal extraction can also lead to CP. If the fetus is distressed, and the doctor fails to perform a cesarean section, that too can lead to possible cerebral palsy. Medical professionals are responsible for providing safe care before, during, and after birth.

There are many varying degrees of severity in cases of CP, but if treatment is administered at a young age, there is a much better chance for the child to lead a normal adult life. Rehabilitation is a common treatment for children with cerebral palsy. Physical therapy with special equipment, stretching, exercises can all help to develop muscle strength and control. Occupational therapy can help children develop independence in such everyday activities as grooming and dressing. Language therapy is also sometimes needed to overcome communication problems resulting from poor mouth and tongue muscle control.

It may be possible to find out if a medical error was to blame for your child's cerebral palsy, and fight for the monetary damages that you deserve. The condition is here to stay, but the lifelong adjustments have just begun, and having the money to fund the necessary treatments is essential. Contact a Georgia lawyer who specializes in birth injury to assess your case and find out some answers. An attorney will offer you a complimentary consultation to go over the details of your situation. They may be able to tell you whether you have a valid malpractice lawsuit, and they may even be able to give you an idea of the outcome of that lawsuit, based on the other cases they have handled. Contact an attorney today, and see if you may be entitled to recover compensation for your child's cerebral palsy case.


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