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Pregnancy and delivery should be a wonderful time for any family. However, this happiness can be tainted by a complication during delivery, and may affect the child and the family forever. One such complication that can occur may result in cerebral palsy. Each year, 10,000 more babies will be born with or develop the condition. Cerebral palsy is a difficult condition to deal with as a parent. The constant stress, worry, and care for the child can put a strain on a marriage and a family. The child suffers as well, as he or she may never know life outside of a wheelchair.

Cerebral palsy refers to a group of chronic disorders involving varying degrees of brain damage, which affect the brain's ability to control and regulate the nervous and muscular systems. The main cause for cerebral palsy is a lack of oxygen to the brain before, during, or after birth, resulting in impairment of movement and function throughout the body. While the initial damage can be quite severe, the condition is not progressive, meaning the child should not experience any other loss of brain function in later years.

The majority of cerebral palsy cases occur during gestation, while the remaining percentage of cases occur during birth and during childhood up to the age of three. Certain maternal and fetal factors during pregnancy can increase the risks that a child will be born with cerebral palsy. Many of these risk factors can be identified by a doctor during pregnancy; he or she may advise the mother on steps to take to lessen the risks the risk of the baby being born with the condition.

While a fetus may not develop cerebral palsy during gestation, the condition may develop during the birthing process. If the labor is too long or very stressful for the mother, it affects the baby as well. He or she may be unable to get enough oxygen while in the birth canal, or if the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the neck for too long. Development of cerebral palsy during the first few years of life may also occur, due to illnesses such as jaundice, bacterial meningitis or viral encephalitis.

If your have recently been told that your child has cerebral palsy, and suspect that it is a direct result of your doctor's actions or negligence, you do have some options. It is in your child's best interest to contact a personal injury lawyer or attorney in Nevada as soon as possible. A local Nevada lawyer or attorney can guide you through the legal process as you seek to recover damages from you doctor.

Finding a Cerebral Palsy Lawyer
A lawsuit can be filed against your doctor if there is a strong case indicating that malpractice was the cause. In order to make sure your case is viable, it is imperative to meet with a lawyer who specializes in cerebral palsy or personal injury cases. Your lawyer or attorney will be able to recognize if there are grounds for a claim, and what your chances of success are based upon previous cases they have handled. They may also be able to estimate what your compensation may be, again based on past cases.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NINDS) has reported that the average lifetime cost of cerebral palsy is an estimated $921,000, not including hospital visits, emergency room visits, residential care, and other expenses. Lawyers and attorneys know how hard this financial burden can be; that is why they do everything they can to get your the compensation you deserve. A specialized and experienced Nevada cerebral palsy attorney or personal injury lawyer should fight for you to receive the maximum payment available. The money you win can help give your child a brighter future and better quality of life.


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