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What is Cerebral Palsy?
Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a condition that affects the portion of the brain that controls the movement of the body. While the symptoms are unique to each individual, they are not contagious, inherited, or progressive. CP makes fine motor skills, such as using scissors and tasks as simple as walking difficult. Involuntary movements are also a sign of cerebral palsy, as well as tremors, still muscles, difficulty swallowing, drooling, and variations in muscle tone. Complications can be mild requiring no real assistance, whereas others are severely disabled and need lifelong care.

Many causes of cerebral palsy are still unknown, but unfortunately some cases are caused by medical malpractice. Several errors can occur to cause your child to have cerebral palsy. A baby that is left in the birth canal too long with a lack of oxygen is one potential danger. Another cause can be the doctor's failure to detect a prolapsed cord, or a seizure during pregnancy. Excessive use of vacuum and forceps can contribute to the long list of causes. If the fetus is distressed, and the doctor fails to perform a cesarean section, that too can lead to possible cerebral palsy. Medical professionals are responsible for providing safe care before, during, and after birth.

Disorders are generally characterized by four categories: spastic (stiff movement), ataxic (loss of balance), athetoid (uncontrolled movements), and mixed (a combination of two or more). Spastic is the most common form of CP, occurring in 70-80 percent of all cases. The damage in spastic cerebral palsy stems from the motor cortex and the corticospinal tract. Ataxic is caused by damage to the cerebellum. Motor skills are hindered in this category, and auditory and visual difficulties are common. Athetoid CP occurs in 40% of the cases, and makes sitting and walking challenging, as well as many involuntary movements are shown.

What will my child need as he/she grows?
There is no known cure for cerebral palsy, however there are maintenance treatments available. The earlier the treatment, the better the chance the child will be able to overcome developmental disabilities. Some treatments may include physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, drug treatments, braces, wheelchairs, and walkers, as well as some communication aids.

Physical therapy with special equipment, stretching, and exercises can all help to develop much needed muscle strength and control. Occupational therapy aids children in hopes of future independence, such everyday activities like grooming and dressing. Language therapy is also sometimes needed to overcome communication problems resulting from poor mouth and tongue muscle control. Computers are often used in this instance. Under the IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) mandates that educational opportunities are readily available, just as they would be for non-disabled children. Education specialized to help your child's needs, can help them achieve their highest potential.

Be an advocate for your child
If your child has cerebral palsy, your family could be facing many financially challenging services, depending on your income. Typical CP kids require therapies, wheelchairs or walkers, housing accommodations, assistance technologies, and medical treatments. The emotional, and mental strain on your and your family are all consuming as it is. Erase financial worries by holding those responsible accountable for your child's condition. If you believe that your son or daughter has cerebral palsy due to medical negligence or error, it is your job to fight for their rights. Although the physical harm has been done, the financial burdens can be lifted by taking action against the medical professionals that you trusted. Do not let your child continue to be a victim of the medical staff, and potentially save other children from the same fate. Contact a North Dakota lawyer immediately to seek the damages you deserve.


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