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What is Cerebral Palsy?
Cerebral Palsy is a condition that occurs in children and is often characterized by physical debilitation. It is actually not a single condition but a general label used to describe a number of similar conditions that all stem from neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood. Cerebral palsy affects the part of the brain that controls muscle movement and coordination. Essentially, it is the inability to fully control motor function. The part of the brain that has been damaged dictates the experiences that someone with cerebral palsy endures, such as muscle spasm, involuntary movement, impairment of sight, seizures, abnormal sensations and perceptions.

Cerebral palsy is considered a developmental disability. In the United States more people have cerebral palsy than any other developmental disability, which equates to approximately two out of every one thousand children. The severity of the condition is different for each child, and can range from slight to profound disabilities.

What are the Causes of Cerebral Palsy?
While many causes of cerebral palsy still go unknown, but unfortunately some cases are caused by medical malpractice. Several errors can occur to cause your child to have cerebral palsy. A baby that is left in the birth canal too long with a lack of oxygen is one potential danger. Another cause can be the doctor's failure to detect a prolapsed cord, or a seizure during pregnancy. Excessive use of vacuum and forceps can contribute to the long list of causes. If the fetus is distressed, and the doctor fails to perform a cesarean section, that too can lead to possible cerebral palsy. Medical professionals are responsible for providing safe care before, during, and after birth.

What are Possible Treatments for Cerebral Palsy?
There is no known cure for cerebral palsy, however there are maintenance treatments available. The earlier the treatment, the better the chance the child will be able to overcome developmental disabilities. Some treatments may include physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, drug treatments, braces, wheelchairs, and walkers, as well as some communication aids.

How Do I Know if a Medical Error was the Cause?
One indicator might be if forceps, vacuum extraction ,or cesarean section was needed during an emergency delivery. If your newborn child required CPR after birth, or a specialist was called to care for them. Another indicator might be if your child needed oxygen to aid breathing after birth. Also, if your infant was transferred to a different hospital for special care or to the neonatal intensive care unit. A medical error causing a life altering condition deserves to be brought to the forefront. Taking legal action, may save another baby from having to suffer from the same outcome. Adjusting to this new lifestyle may require unforeseen funds for equipment, and doctors visits. Hold those responsible accountable by fighting for the rights of children.

Why do I need a lawyer?
If you suspect that your child's Cerebral Palsy is the cause of medical negligence or an accident that occurred during birth, an Oklahoma lawyer will be able to help your file a lawsuit. There are lawyers that specialize in Cerebral Palsy cases right here in Oklahoma, therefore they will be able to guide your states legalities. You and your family are dealing the new knowledge that one of your children has suffered from a potential birth injury. The adjustment and learning process will take up most of your time, so hiring an experienced lawyer to handle all of the legalities is the best choice you can make. Your family should not have to suffer financial strain due to the negligence of medical professionals.


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