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What exactly is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is a neurological disorder that affects unborn or newly born children. In some instances, children are diagnosed within the first three years of life, but this is less common. Characteristics of the disease include a wide range of muscle deficiencies. Some children experience a complete lack of mobility and are completely wheelchair bound. Other symptoms include sporadic, involuntary movements, lack of depth perception, and uncoordinated sense of balance. Almost all children with this disorder have visual problems, and many suffer from seizures. In addition, CP can lead to learning disabilities or other cognitive impairments down the road and require special services when children are school-aged.

What causes this disorder?

There is no solitary cause of CP because the term refers to a group of common illnesses, all with similar symptoms. Each individual experiences slightly different symptoms, making it different to calculate a single cause. As a whole, CP is caused by cognitive defects as a result of massive brain trauma before, during, and sometimes after childbirth. While a child can be diagnosed within the first three years of life, most diagnoses occur before birth. Lack of prenatal care contributes to this disorder. If a fetus has delayed development or unusual growth patterns are undetected, the child may be born with CP. Infections, bad falls, and other complications during pregnancy can lead to this disorder. Alcohol and drugs ingested while pregnant is another common factor leading to CP.

Sometimes, a child is not diagnosed with CP until after birth because labor complications contributed to the disorder. For example, if a mother does not receive the correct dosage of medications, CP might be the end result. If the baby is incorrectly handled after childbirth or a mother is rushed through a delivery without getting sufficient treatments, risks are inevitable. There are many issues to consider when a child develops this disorder.

What Is the Typical Lifespan of a Child with CP?

Individuals with CP can live as long as an average, healthy person. When symptoms are kept under control, a person with CP can experience a relatively normal life. Most, however, have difficulties in school because the disorder is often linked to other cognitive impairments and learning disabilities. The child will most likely require special services in order to cope with the disorder. However, if all demands are met, fatality rates are low.

When Can a Doctor Be Held Liable for Medical Malpractice?

If negligence is linked directly to the onset of the disorder, a doctor and responsible parties may be held accountable. A birth injury attorney is likely to take on a case if sufficient evidence is attainable. For example, if medical records indicate that treatments provided were unusual, below hospital standards, or clash with other experts in the field, a doctor may be accused of malpractice, whether or not the actions were deliberate. Claims are also taken on by attorneys when there is evidence of missing implied consent. If the doctor neglected to describe medical procedures during prenatal exams or during delivery, a doctor can be held liable, as no permission was given to perform these actions. Doctors may also be charged if a newborn does not receive adequate attention after birth. If complication arise, and a baby requires equipment, services, or medications that are not provided, a claim can be made against the hospital.

What Should I Do If I Suspect Medical Malpractice?

Prior to making claims, be sure to gather any appropriate documents for your case, and schedule a consultation meeting with a qualified birth injury attorney. In most firms, this is a free service. When taking on your case, your attorney can inform you of realistic settlements that can be reached, allowing you to take care of medical expenses and services that are required for your child in the future. Physical therapy, medications, and other services you need for your child are costly, draining you financially and emotionally. By contacting a trusted attorney in Tennessee, you can fight for the compensation you deserve, while upholding the rights of your child. One should never have to face injustice alone, but contacting a lawyer to help you handle the litigation processes is the first step. This type of claim is a long process, unreachable without the services of someone experienced. When looking for your attorney, take your time, and do your research.


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