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What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a disorder that deteriorates muscle tone, muscle coordination, and movement. It is a congenital disorder, beginning before or during birth. Young children diagnosed with the disorder have had damage to the brain while still in the womb or complications during childbirth that cause the damage. Typically, the condition can be spotted before or just after birth, but some cases are diagnosed in the first three years of a child's life.

There are three types of cerebral palsy, all with specific characteristics. The first, spastic cerebral palsy, causes difficulty in muscle movement. The second type is called athetoid cerebral palsy. It is easily diagnosed by the child's uncontrolled, involuntary movements. Lastly, Ataxic cerebral palsy involves a lack of depth perception and balance. All forms of the disorder are highly associated with other cognitive impairments and disabilities. Many individuals, for example, develop seizures later on in life, and most experience vision problems.

What Are the Causes of CP?
There is a wide range of well-known causes of CP. Namely, any behavior that causes harsh impact on the brain is likely to be a contributing factor. Therefore, a single cause has not yet been discovered. CP is sometimes caused by a deficiency during pregnancy, which acts as an obstacle for development and growth of the brain. Infections and other maternal problems are contributors to this disorder. Alcohol, drugs, and other harmful chemicals consumed during pregnancy can cause CP. A lack of sufficient prenatal care is a likely cause. CP can also develop if a child is born prematurely. Either the baby's brain had not fully developed prior to birth, or there was damage outside the womb, which is common with premature babies in vulnerable conditions. Other causes of CP include car accidents, shaken baby syndrome, lead poisoning, bacterial infections, and malnutrition.

Medical Malpractice
On some occasions, an event during or directly after birth has led to brain damage. At times, overwork and exhaustion cause doctors to misdiagnose symptoms or ignore warning signs. Moreover, negligence, on the doctor's part, poses serious risks for the baby being born. Sometimes, inexperienced doctors provide inadequate prenatal care, and complications during pregnancy are undiscovered until it is too late. For such negligent behaviors, doctors are being held accountable.

Legal Rights
If your child is diagnosed with CP, not only do they suffer a debilitating condition, but the costs of treatment are financially and emotionally draining. People are beginning to file lawsuits against those responsible for negligence. Many birth injury attorneys practice in Wisconsin, all available for defending your legal rights, as well as the rights of your child. No longer should you have to bear the burdens associated with medical malpractice. Instead, birth injury attorneys are available to represent you, pushing for the compensation you and your child deserve.

Your first step is to visit a birth injury attorney to assess your claim. Your attorney is likely to review your medical history and determine if there is attainable testimony to prove that malpractice was evident. Then, your attorney must also prove that your doctor's negligent behaviors resulted in the injury to your child. It is not enough to simply charge the doctor with negligence, as this may not be reason enough to hold them liable for your child's injuries. These are challenging obstacles only a professional, experienced attorney should handle. Your attorney can also review your medical records and research the doctor's history.

Suing a doctor for negligence is tricky because medicine is never exact. There are always errors, even when the best possible care is provided. However, if a doctor neglected to inform you of medical procedures and consequences before conducting them, or if medical advise was unusual, a doctor can be held liable for damages caused. It is imperative, however, to do your research when locating an attorney, as these types of lawsuits should be handled by professionals most suitable for the job.


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