Boston Scientific Express Stent

Although Boston Scientific is one of the worlds leaders in medical device manufacturing, however they also are among the leaders in recalls of defective medical equipment. Angioplasty surgery removes blockages from arteries located in the heart. Therefore, allowing proper blood flow, by inserting a stent which supports the artery and clears the block giving clearance for blood to circulate. The outer layer of the stent can be coated with medication to decrease the chances of re-occurring buildups and blockages in the future.

The Express stent system is a tiny metal tube that is affixed to a catheter and works like a balloon. Then the stent is slipped into a blood vessel and then moved forward until it reaches the section of the coronary artery that is narrowed because of a blood clot, blockage, or other impediments. When the stent is precisely in place, the balloon catheter is inflated, which results in the expansion of the stent. Therefore thrusting aside the plaque inside the artery, which causes the narrowed section of the artery to open for blood flow. The air inside the balloon of the stent system\\\'s delivery catheter is then released, after which the catheter is removed from the patient. The stent that has already been implanted permanently inside the patient's artery, and will stay there to support the vessel section that has been newly reopened.

The FDA ordered the recall of the stents because of some flaws found in the design of its system, which cause deflation malfunction of the balloon catheter. This prevented the removal of the balloon after the implantation of the stent inside the artery of a patient. This hindrance noted in the deflation of the balloon could result in considerable complications among patients, including the need for an emergency bypass graft surgery on the coronary artery, and even death. Balloons may then become lodged in the artery while trying to remove the tube that inflates the tube. The potential health risks proved to be so severe, that Boston Scientific immediately recalled their product, and asked all hospitals to cease using these stents. In the end, the recall was encouraged after a few deaths, and dozens of injuries. The FDA recommends that hospitals immediately stop using any stent units affected by the defects. It is a Class I recall, which is the most severe, meaning that the FDA believes that serious injury, including death, is possible if use is continued.

Having a serious surgery already places financial, emotional, and mental strain on your and your loved ones. Adding further stress because of a faulty medical device probably seems cruel and unfair. While you and your loved ones sort through the worries on a path to health, let an attorney fight for your medical rights. You placed your trust in the medical professionals and the tools they use. When a step in the surgery malfunctions, no one is affected as much as you. Contact a lawyer that can hold those responsible accountable for their misleading promises.

If you have had angioplasty surgery in the last several years with the Boston Scientific Express stent, you may need to be entitled to monetary damages. If the stent was indeed faulty, then you were a victim of medical device malfunction, and can be compensated for the extra medical services, and the pain and suffering that you endured as a result. There are many law firms that have lawyers who are experienced in handling cases of defective medical devices. A dedicated lawyer will ensure that you get the maximum compensation that you deserve, based on the injuries that you sustained, and on the pain and suffering, as well as other losses that you experienced because of them.