Defective Defibrillator Recall

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The implant of a defibrillator in patients who have serious heart ailments is becoming a well-known treatment. This option has replaced the old-fashioned way of reviving a patient through an external defibrillator. An internal defibrillator is more convenient than the external kind because one can be monitored constantly. When a problem with the activity of the heart is detected, the defibrillation is applied immediately to the patient. This is a great benefit, since immediate assistance can be provided right away, without having to wait for medical help to arrive.

Despite the benefits that an internal defibrillator provides a patient, it can also be deadly. In 2005, a corporation that manufactured defibrillators recalled thousands of their products. The reason behind this was the risks of possible failure of the devices. These devices are usually replaced after five years of use. One reported that the defibrillator, which is powered by a battery, had malfunctioned 45 times in a time span of five years. The malfunction of this device has also led to two deaths. Safety warnings were provided to doctors regarding their product after a paper allegedly printed negative reports about its unstable reliability. Reporters stated that the corporation waited for years before warning patients and specialists about the possible defects of their defibrillator devices.

Some report that the defibrillator device short-circuits when building up a charge for the electrical shock required to support the heart's rhythm. There have been cases in which doctors intentionally induced erratic heart rhythms for check-ups. During these incidences, the defibrillator device never functioned. Instead, the doctors have to revive their patients with the use of an external defibrillator, which is commonly utilized in emergency rooms.

The corporation has recommended specialists to stop the use of their defibrillators. It has discovered that the problem with the device is with its magnetic switch. It can get stuck in a closed position, which, in some incidences, prohibits the device from functioning correctly.

According to state law, you are entitled to file a legal claim for an incidence like this. You also have the right to receive compensation for the injuries that you have sustained due to a defective product or the recklessness of a responsible party. If someone close to you has been injured because of the use of a defective defibrillator, then you have the right to file a lawsuit. Contact a product liability lawyer or attorney, and ask for legal assistance when the filing of a claim. You can ask for liability coverage for the expenses that you have incurred, loss of wages, and loss of future income. You can also ask for compensation for the suffering and pain that you have experienced. When you choose a lawyer, select one who has already handled and won several cases. The reputation of your lawyer assures his or her competence.

Having a heart condition requires therapy, which can be very expensive. If legal fees are stopping you from hiring a lawyer, then you do not have to worry; most lawyers can provide you with assistance based on contingency. In other words, you do not have to pay your product liability attorney his legal charge during the process of litigation. Instead, your attorney assumes that his or her fees are covered when a case is won. These particular attorneys can provide you with the representation you require without imposing additional financial risks. Above all, it is their responsibility to uphold your rights and seek justice for your distress. When your life is at stake, it is your responsibility to take legal action against those placing you at risk.