Minimed Diabetic Infusion Set

There are many medical breakthroughs among devices now available that have greatly helped many patients with illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. It is unfortunate that, while these devices have contributed to the treatment of a lot of ill people, others suffer from complications and other injuries because of the defects found on these devices.

The Minimed Diabetic Infusion Set, made by Medtronic, Inc.'s subsidiary corporation Minimed, is among those devices that caused great alarm among users. The infusion sets became notorious in May 2004, when Medtronic recalled more than 160,000 of the devices because of the hospitalization of some 200 diabetics who were using the devices. The patients were found to have elevated sugar levels in their blood.

Just recently, Medtronic gave out an advisory of the recall of all Minimed Diabetic Infusion Sets because of the defects found among the devices. The manufacturer of the diabetic infusion sets had estimated that some 160,000 to 200,000 of the devices were found to have defects and needed tubing replaced. Among the direst effects of the defects was the interruption or the termination of the insulin flow into the bloodstream of the diabetic patients using them. It was found that the bending of the cannula of the device could cause interruption of the insulin flow. In addition, it was also discovered that the adhesive set around the fragile tubing of the infusion set caused the needle to fall out of the patient's body. This unintended disconnection of the set, right at its insertion site, causes the insulin flow into the patient's body to be terminated, thus causing serious problems that are often life-threatening and could include a diabetic coma or death.

The Minimed Diabetic Infusion Set is a portable insulin delivery device used by diabetic patients. The infusion set was patterned to transmit a stable dosage of insulin consistently from an infusion pump into the bloodstream of a diabetic patient, therefore ending the need of diabetic patients to subject themselves to insulin injections. Even if no fatalities have yet been attributed to the defects found among the infusion sets, the FDA has classified Medtronic's recall of this product as a Class I recall, which is the highest form of recall that could be taken by any company. By this classification, FDA has labeled the use of the device as a potential risk for the affliction of harmful effects to the patients that include death.

If you are among these diabetic patients who are using this Minimed Diabetic Infusion Set and is now having doubts about your device, it is best for you to immediately contact a defective medical device lawyer who is knowledgeable about Medtronic products, including this infusion set. A compassionate lawyer will help provide you with the answers that you might be seeking regarding the product that you are using and the risks involved with using it. Your lawyer will help you seek the financial retribution that you deserve, especially if you suffered from certain complications or ailments as a result of the defects of your infusion set. If you were afflicted with serious injuries because of the Minimed Diabetic Infusion Set and were even hospitalized because of the injuries, you are entitled to an even greater amount of compensation.

The compensation that you deserve will not only cover your medical experiences, but also the pain and mental anguish that has occurred because of your ailment. However, you must contact that lawyer as soon as possible, because there are certain time restrictions when it comes to the filing of personal injury claims. Your hesitation in contacting a lawyer might cause you to lose the chance of getting that compensation.