Olympus Bronchoscope

The Olympus Bronchoscope is just one of the bronchoscopes available to medical centers; however, Olympus voluntarily recalled 4,400 products, of which 2,300 were in use at hospitals, in 2001. It was believed that bacteria could grow on the instruments, and cause infections in patients. An Olympus Bronchoscope was designed to examine a patient for lung infections, pneumonia, and lung cancer. A bronchoscope is a tube that has an attached camera. Qualified physicians will place the tube through a patient's nose or mouth, in order to look into their lungs. Bronchoscopes employ fiber optic technology to evaluate a patient's airways and rule out respiratory problems.

In 2001, when Olympus put in effect a fifteen-model voluntary recall, it was discovered that the Bronchoscopes, though being cleaned properly, still contained bacteria. This bacteria is called pseudomonas, which can cause disease in humans and animals. It was being trapped by the bronchoscope and could spread to patients, and potentially cause infections in the blood, lungs, airway, or any compromised tissue. The recalled models reportedly had a loose valve where the bacteria would remain trapped.

While the recall was voluntary, the damage being done by the bacteria was starting to impact patients' health. As mentioned above, most individuals who seek bronchoscopy procedures do so because of lung disease. Some patients have cystic fibrosis, lung cancer, or have had lung replacements. With the types of illness associated with a bronchoscopy, the bacteria that could grow on the Olympus Bronchoscope with a defective valve are very serious. If you suspect your current health problems to be a result of a defective Olympus Bronchoscope, please seek a lawyer for guidance.

A lawyer will be able to have health professionals analyze your condition. If the hospital you went to for the procedure has used an Olympus Bronchoscope, you will definitely want to pursue the case. You should not have to continue paying for your current medical treatment if you have been subjected to the bacteria from an Olympus Bronchoscope.

Once you have found a lawyer, you might want to do a little research of your own regarding the studies made on the defective machines. The information you find can help you in determining what others have gone through and the help they received. Your lawyer will also do some research to help determine if there is enough evidence for your case. You will want to bring any information with you when you see your lawyer in order to help them.

The Olympus Bronchoscope was recalled due to a defective valve where bacteria were growing. They voluntarily recalled fifteen models of Bronchoscopes. They have admitted to the issue, but this does not help those who may have suffered or are suffering from a long-term illness. You still have medical expenses that need to be paid. Please seek a lawyer to speak about your case today. They are there to help relieve some of your stress. The Olympus Bronchoscope has caused many deaths and infections due to its malfunctioning valve. If you have suffered complications, please report your claim.