Panacryl Sutures

When a person undergoes surgery, they often require sutures to close the incisions. There have been many types of sutures on the market. Some degrade and fall out without the patient having to see a physician again, and some sutures require the patient to make a second visit to the doctor for suture removal. In 1999, panacryl sutures were released. Despite assurances that the body would absorb them, there have been several cases in which these sutures were defective, and were therefore not absorbed. This lack of absorption has been known to cause infections in the patients. Some patients complained of pain because sutures failed to absorb and were pushed out of the skin. Other instances occurred when healthy tissue was not able to grow around the sutures, prohibiting cuts and incisions from healing properly. As a result, small bumps called granulomas developed under the skin. Most complications occurred when sutures were used during soft-tissue surgeries, usually in the abdominal area.

Although side effects were unlikely to be life-threatening, most individuals suffering from complications did need to return for additional surgeries. Consequently, individuals were forced to pay additional expenses to have the defective sutures removed, and to obtain antibiotics and other prescribed medications to kill the infections. They also required additional recuperation time. As a result, many complain they were forced to take time off of work due to chronic pain, and many faced situations that were financially burdening. Due to numerous post-operation problems, panacryl sutures were taken off the market in July 2002. Nevertheless, they were not officially recalled until four years later, in March 2006. Since their recall, many patients still suffer from long-term effects of the product.

If you or someone you know experienced any unusual side effects from these sutures, which required additional medical attention, and no compensation was received for your expenses, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit. Product liability claims can be filed to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Although these lawsuits vary by state, most attorneys file product liability suits as strict liability claims. In this manner, an establishment is not sued for negligence, making it easier to win a case. Rather, plaintiffs must only prove that a product is defective. Since panacryl sutures clearly have manufacturing defects, it is unlikely an attorney will turn down your case.

There are some important factors to consider when reviewing your case. Statutes of limitations enforce strict time frames in which you must make your claim. Most states allow two to three years to file a product liability claim. However, some states, like Louisiana, only allow one year. Although most states apply the discovery rule in these laws, allowing patients more time to file claims, people may still find it difficult to adhere to these guidelines.

There is still time to contact a personal injury or product liability attorney if you have experienced any negative side effects from these sutures. If you were forced to pay for additional surgeries through no fault of your own, you may be eligible for compensation. Consider the following suggestions when filing your claim:

1.While you need to keep to a schedule, you also must do your research. Contact a lawyer who is a specialist in the field of product liability. Most reputable attorneys offer no-risk opportunities, eliminating fees if a case is lost. In addition, most experienced attorneys can review your case free of charge. In this manner, you receive legal advice and the resources you need to initiate your claim. It is imperative to seek out a qualified individual to represent you. Someone who has had success handling product liability cases and years of experience is an ideal candidate.
2.Once you have chosen an attorney, it is important to gather relevant documents, such as medical reports, doctor's notices, and disability claims, and bring them to your attorney. The more preparation on your part, the more likelihood of expediting your claim and receiving compensation.
3.Once your claim is pursued, your attorney can review the severity of your injuries, helping to provide you with reasonable settlements that may be reached. He or she can help you receive the highest compensation possible for your injuries.

Manufacturers have the responsibility of providing high quality products that are safe and functional. Reliability is even more imperative when medical products are concerned. When your life is at stake and in the hands of medical professionals, you never want to worry about whether or not the surgical devices you must use are safe. If you were unfortunate enough to suffer from malfunctioning panacryl sutures, and struggled with health complications as a result, you are entitled to reimbursement for your medical expenses and hardships.