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When you seek medical treatment from a medical professional or health care facility, you expect to receive high-quality care that meets or exceeds governing standards of care. Unfortunately, this does not always happen.

Medical malpractice is a serious issue that can effect anyone. Furthermore, it can happen as a result of almost any medical procedure, from a routine visit to the doctor to a surgical procedure or stay in an extended care facility. Thousands of people are harmed or killed as a result of medical malpractice each year. A majority of medical malpractice cases are brought up against doctors and hospitals, but they can also be applied to many other types of medical professionals, as well as health care facilities.

Medical malpractice is typically understood to be negligence that is committed by a medical professional, which may include but not be limited to: doctors, nurses, technicians, specialists, dentists, as well as nursing facilities, hospitals, and other long-term care facilities. Negligence occurs when care administered by a health care professional or facility deviates from governing standards of practice, which results in harm or injury to the patient.

If you believe that you or a loved one is the victim of medical malpractice, it is important you seek assistance from a qualified legal professional familiar with medical malpractice law. A lawyer will guide you through the process of determining whether or not a malpractice claim is actionable, meaning the claim has all of the necessary components to move forward. The components required for a case to be actionable include a duty that was owed to someone, a breach of that required duty, and resulting harm from that breach of duty. In addition, an attorney will help to determine whether the harm would have occurred but not for the alleged negligence. This information will also be used to determine whether a claim is actionable or not.

In the event that a claim is made against a health care professional or health care provider, the individual or entity against whom the claim is made will be judged on a few aspects related to the care they delivered. These aspects include their level of competence and professionalism, the care they provided, and how these elements compare to the level of training and experience they have had. In addition, health care professionals or medical facilities will also be judged against other health care providers who have acted with good judgment and a high-standard of care in medical cases that were the same or similar. If the care is not comparable, or does not meet the standard of care provided by other medical professionals, the claim may be actionable.

Because laws are intricate and involved, it is advised that you find a legal professional in the state of California to assist you when making a medical malpractice claim. An attorney based in California will be knowledgeable of state standards regarding medical malpractice and should guide you through the process. A particular of California medical malpractice law is that a claim must be made within a year of discovery of a negligent act, and no more than three years from the date of injury.

To prepare for a meeting with a legal professional, ensure that you have collected all information regarding your medical history, including all records from all doctors and care facilities. Also, be able to detail your care, from the initial point of contact with your doctor through your last meeting with him or her. This information will help your lawyer assess your claim and determine how to proceed.

If you think that you have experienced medical malpractice, find a legal professional well-versed in California medical malpractice law to guide you through the process of making a claim.


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