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Your future goes beyond right now, and while just about any lawyer can get you a judgment covering the damages of the present, a great motorcycle accident lawyer has the foresight to protect your interests in the long term. By using different types of settlement structures, motorcycle accident lawyers are able to form a plan or settlement tailored to your needs for not just the present, but for your future as well.

Don't waste your time or money paying for a lawyer who is not dedicated to motorcycle accident law or who does not know the extent of the laws in this specialized area. When you are seeking restitution for your motorcycle accident case in Colorado, it's easy for a lawyer of multiple fields of law to take on your case, but he/she may not have the experience in dealing with such cases and you may receive much less in compensation that you would if you had gone with a motorcycle accident lawyer/attorney.
Not every motorcycle accident in Colorado is the same, and neither is every type of lawyer.

When you have found the right lawyer to represent you, he or she will start to build your case using all of the evidence you can provide. From taking statements to talking to witnesses and obtaining information from law enforcement officials, your motorcycle accident will be fully invested in your case even if they have many other clients. The sign of a good lawyer is his or her ability to make you feel like the only client. A lawsuit of this magnitude can last for months or even years. Having someone you can fully trust will be a huge advantage to you and your case also. It's not always easy to negotiate an agreement for your motorcycle accident case, but a qualified, experienced lawyer of motorcycle accident law can more competently navigate the legal process of your case while providing an outcome that maximizes the compensation you receive.

Because of the very nature of a motorcycle, accidents are a common hazard, and unlike car accidents, the potential of having a fatal accident is high. It is reported that anywhere from 70 to 80 percent of all reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or death, while the injury/fatality rate of passenger vehicle accidents is 20 percent. Head injury is the most common reason for a severe injury or a death for a motorcyclist involved in an accident, for several reasons. Motorcycles offer no protection from the elements and absolutely no protective barrier between the roads and car drivers. Although states have enacted helmet laws, they don't carry heavy fines and many people chose not to wear them. Helmets are really the only source of protection a rider has when on a motorcycle, and to go without one can be foolish. If you were riding without a helmet in a state that requires them, you will not be eligible to receive compensation or file a suit against the negligent driver because you were negligent as well.

In many cases, motorcycle accidents are the result of road conditions that the motorcyclists cannot control. For example, the road can be a challenging place for cars, but for motorcycles it can feel more like a roller coaster. Debris, oil slicks, uneven pavement, potholes, puddles, and even confusing signs present numerous problems for motorcyclists, and can lead to serious accidents if the driver loses control of the bike. Many drivers (in cars) are not aware of the different rules and laws for motorcycles, and may not give them the right of way or may simply ignore them. Educating drivers on motorcycles' role on the road is vital to keeping motorcycle drivers, riders and owners safe.


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