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Motorcycle accidents and car accidents are governed by different laws, similar to how the two are regulated under different tests and insurances. The differences in the laws and the harshness of motorcycle accidents make it essential to retain a lawyer who is specialized in motorcycle accident lawsuits in the District of Columbia, rather than a lawyer who is focused and experienced in practicing car accident cases.
The dynamics of a motorcycle accident compared to a car accident are completely separate from one another, too. The only real similarity of the two is the fact that both motorcycles and cars are forms of motorized transportation. The differences are too abundant when involved in an accident for the two to share legitimate comparisons when it comes to injuries.

While car accidents can be extremely dangerous and harmful, motorcycle accidents are substantially worse in comparison. Without the framework of steel protecting you, like on a car, motorcycle accidents tend to be more painful and have more serious health implications than a car accident might. Therefore, motorcycle accident cases often deal with compensation for higher costs, meaning more care and concern needs to be applied by the lawyer handling the case.

It is up to a qualified District of Columbia lawyer to rightfully obtain the compensation you deserve in your motorcycle accident case. In order for them to this, though, it is up to the victim to seek medical attention following the crash. A doctor's assessment of the injuries sustained and the treatment methods needed to cure the injuries is crucial to obtaining all that is needed to pay for medical costs. Lawyers will often use this information, as well as the possibility of courtroom testimony by the doctor, to make sure the negligent party is responsible for paying your bills, including short and long-term medical treatment, rehabilitation activities, equipment needed, and loss of work.

After consulting with an attorney, they can advise you on the do's and don'ts that will soon follow in the crash investigation. For example, D.C. attorneys dealing in motorcycle accident cases will advise their clients to not sign any sort of settlement form brought forth by insurance companies. This is because many companies train adjusters to try to convince victims to accept an expedited payment for any damages resulting from a motorcycle collision. While many bikers may like the idea of a quick payment, it is advised that motorcycle accident victims wait, because once you sign a settlement, you are giving up any right to seek further compensation. This is especially important as it relates to motorcycle accidents, because what may seem like an inexpensive hospital bill can increase as further treatments or equipment are needed to properly treat the injury.

Also important is the filling out and filing of an accident report. Accident reports are available from the responding officers, and they will contribute to the report. Generally, reports are required if it is initially estimated that over $1,000 in damages has resulted from the crash; however, it is never a bad idea to fill one out anyway, because you never know exactly how much damage has truly been done to you or your motorcycle. The report must be submitted to the District of Columbia DMV within 72 hours of the crash.


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