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Motorcycle accidents, though less frequent than those involving automobiles, are often the most dangerous kind of accident on the road. Primarily, they are more likely to result in traumatic injury and death than the driver of an automobile or truck that collides with them. Additionally, weather, visibility, and road conditions all common factors in any road accident are also important factors of motorcycle accidents. Oftentimes, automobile and truck drivers do not treat motorcycle drivers the same way as they treat other drivers on the road, and are more likely to be ignorant of traffic laws and rules of the road as far as motorcycles are concerned. In Kentucky, motorcyclists are no different. They face the same challenges and risks as motorcyclists elsewhere in the country.

Motorcyclists, who face more dangers on the road than other drivers, must deal not only with the physical consequences of their accidents but also the aftermath: long hospital stays, even longer physical rehabilitation periods, and lost wages from time missed working and that's before the worry that they might never work again sets in. Hiring an experienced attorney could mean the difference between being awarded compensation for you injuries, medical expenses, lost wages, and damages, and having to face recovery on your own. Make sure you hire an attorney with a proven track record of success in cases similar to yours to ensure that you face the best chance of winning.

Finding an attorney who is prepared and experienced in the unique factors surrounding a motorcycle accident case is critical to getting compensation for mental or physical injuries, damage, loss of earnings, medical expenses, and any other damages resulting from the motorcycle accident.

Because of the very nature of a motorcycle, accidents are a common hazard, and unlike car accidents, the potential of a fatality is much higher. It is reported that anywhere from 70% to 80% of all reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or death, while the injury/fatality rate of passenger vehicles is 20%. Head injury is the most common reason for a severe injury or a death for a motorcyclist involved in an accident. There are several reasons for this. Motorcycles offer no protection from the elements and absolutely no protective barrier between the roads and car drivers. Also, in some states, helmets are not required.

In Kentucky, helmet, registration, and equipment laws are in place to help reduce accidents, but little is in place to educate other drivers as to their obligations on the road with motorcyclists. Kentucky law requires motorcycles to be registered and insured, and requires protective headgear and eyewear for young and new operators, and those without proof of health insurance.

Before motorcyclists even hit the road, they must be sure they're prepared to face the aftermath of an accident. This means making sure they have the proper insurance coverage this means going beyond normal collision insurance and getting uninsured coverage and underinsured coverage to make sure they're safe in the event the driver of the other vehicle doesn't have insurance and have completed the right training to take to the road safely.


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