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Motorcycle accidents are different from other more common forms of motor vehicle accidents for a number of reasons. Primarily, they are more likely to result in traumatic injury and death than the occupant of the automobile or truck that collides with them. In addition to the unique conditions that could lead to a motorcycle accident, all of the regular causes of automobile accidents are also present: weather, visibility, and road conditions. Automobile and truck drivers often do not treat give motorcyclists enough room on the road, and are more likely to be ignorant of at least some of the traffic laws and rules of the road as they pertain to motorcycles. In Louisiana, motorcyclists aren't nearly as common as automobile drivers, but still make up greatly disproportionate number of deaths and serious injuries.

While statistics seem to vary greatly depending on the source, one fact remains thousands of motorcyclist die each year in fatal collisions and tens of thousands suffer injuries from motorcycle accidents annually. Several reports claim that 2,000-3,000 motorcyclists die each year in the US in single vehicle motorcycle crashes and some 80,000-130,000 non-fatal motorcycle accidents occur each year. From 1990-1999 there was a total of 11,038 fatal single vehicle motorcycle crashes, and 294,000 non-fatal single vehicle motorcycle crashes. In 1998, 500 motorcyclists' lives were saved because they were wearing helmets, and 307 could have been saved if they had worn a helmet.

The factors which make motorcycle accidents unique each have their own legal implications and complications. Traumatic bodily injury often results in a long period of rehabilitation and substantial loss wages due to unexpected time off from work, which needs to be documented accurately if recovery of wages and medical costs from a negligent party is being sought.

A skilled Louisiana motorcycle attorney is be able to line up witnesses and crash reconstruction experts in the event you are unable to testify. They will also be able to see that you get care from doctors who have been in these situations before and are willing to testify to the extent of your injuries. If you were given a ticket or citation in the accident, you will also need an attorney to help deal with those charges. Finding an attorney who is prepared and experienced in the unique factors surrounding motorcycle accident cases is critical to getting compensation for your injuries physical or psychological damage, loss of earnings, medical expenses, and any other costs resulting from your motorcycle accident. Make sure your attorney has a track record of success to back up their experience.

In Louisiana, registration, liability coverage, and equipment laws are in place to help reduce accidents and provide compensation, but little is in place to educate other drivers as to their obligations on the road with motorcycles. Louisiana law requires motorcycles to be registered and insured, and requires protective headgear and eyewear for all operators and passengers.


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