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A motorcyclist is entitled to the same rights to the road as other drivers. Unfortunately, lots of other motorists drive as if motorcyclists do not exist. It is a little known fact that more than 80% of accidents involving motorcycles and automobiles are caused by negligent motor vehicle operators. Generally the majority of accidents are due to cars following a motorcycle too closely and rear ending them at stop signs or simply not yielding the right of way to the motorcycle. Motorcycles are able to stop more quickly than a motor vehicle. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you can hire a personal injury attorney to represent you.

Some people may argue that in the instance of a motorcycle crash, the cyclist is at fault, but it is typically not the case. They may suggest that most motorcyclists do not wear their helmets or other protective padding, and drive recklessly. The reality is most motorcyclists are very skilled motorists and are very aware of the dangers of maneuvering a bike and therefore take the proper precautions.

Being cut off in traffic is a fact of life for a motorcyclist, and because of that, they usually drive defensively to avoid a collision with an inattentive driver. Defensive driving is not always enough, and it is usually the motorcyclist whom pays the price. Every motorcycle accident is considered a serious accident. Because motorcycles offer very little protection, a bike crash generally results in serious injuries. These can range from traumatic brain injuries to spinal cord injuries to wrongful deaths.

One of the unfortunate facts that motorcycle drivers must face is that they are 21 times more likely than motor vehicle drivers to die in an accident. Obviously motorcyclists do not have tons of steel surrounding and protecting them in a collision. It is estimated that over 165,000 motorcyclists are hospitalized yearly, as a result of accidents. There was a 4% increase in the fatality rate for motorcyclists between 1997 and 2004. A recent study shows that over 2,600 motorcycle crashes happened in the state of Maryland in just one year. The same study concluded that around 69% of those crashes were fatal for the motorcyclist. Personal injury attorneys deal with auto, truck and motorcycle accidents but there may be a lawyer in your area who specializes in motorcycle accidents.

There are some definite benefits to dealing with someone who has dealt with situations similar to yours. The insurance situation in Maryland can get a bit confusing. You want to be sure you have the appropriate coverage for motorcycles and do not rely on an auto policy to cover you. The laws are set up to protect the insurance companies from the added risk of covering motorcycle drivers. You also want to make sure that you keep high coverage uninsured motorist benefits on your policy. It is vital that you have an experienced personal injury lawyer who can wade through all the nuances of motorcycle law in Maryland. You deserve quality representation that allows you to focus on recovering, not dealing with the insurance company.


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