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Motorcyclists are 21 times more likely to die in an accident on the road than car or truck drivers. If they do survive, they tend to have much more serious injuries that require longer hospitalization, long term rehabilitation, greater wage loss, and greater risk of permanent disability. More than 165,000 Americans a year that are involved in a motorcycle crash end up hospitalized. It would be nice to think that being a better motorcyclist can change these statistics though it certainly doesn't hurt but as it turns out, motorcycle accidents that involve an automobile are far less often the motorcycle operator's fault than the car driver's.

Eighty percent of automobile-motorcycle collisions are the fault of the automobile operator. They either do not see the cycle or cannot stop quickly enough to avoid hitting it. Once the accident is over, what can you do to protect yourself? It is vitally important that you carry adequate insurance. You should talk to an insurance agent that is familiar with the insurance needs of motorcyclists. For motorcyclists, there are a couple different types of coverage. The first is uninsured motorist coverage, which covers you when someone who doesn't have insurance causes the accident. If your injuries require medical attention, or your motorcycle is damaged, they probably won't be able to pay. Your insurance will, though. Then there is underinsured motorist coverage, which pays you for your injuries when the person who is at fault has insurance coverage, but their liability limit is not high enough for compensate you fully.

If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident, it is in your best interest to immediately contact a personal injury attorney. If you are able to find an attorney in your area that specializes in motorcycle accidents, that is often your best course of action. Personal injury attorneys often are familiar with doctors that will wait for payment and that are experienced at testifying in personal injury cases. Contacting an attorney right away means they can help you contact insurance companies and basically walk you through the complicated process of getting you the settlement you deserve. As motorcyclists tend to suffer more serious injuries than other drivers, personal injury attorneys that specialize in motorcycle collisions they are more adept at ensuring you are going to get the long term care you may need.

In the state of Minnesota, like most other states, the laws are tilted toward the insurance industry to compensate their increased risk. This does not mean you cannot get a fair case, it just means you should not try to do it on your own. Most personal injury attorneys will take your case without payment. This is called contingency. They don't get paid until you get paid, taking a percentage of your award, but no fee if your case is thrown out. Find an attorney in your city to represent you so you can concentrate on taking care of yourself and healing.


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