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Nebraska attracts motorcyclists from all over the country, and why not? The landscape of the state offers a great deal to be desired for motorcyclists. They can follow famous routes that start out in the legendary plains, where flat, smooth riding can go uninterrupted for hours, and end up in twisting roads leading to canyon areas. Saddling up and sitting behind the bars while enjoying the bike routes of Nebraska can be fun, but it can also be deadly. Dozens of motorcyclists die in Nebraska each year, and the trend is not likely to be bucked anytime soon.

In recent Nebraska motorcycle news, a woman whose Hummer SUV collided with a Harley Davidson in Natrona County was found to be in violation of failure to yield the right of way. The 55-year-old Harley rider was found dead at the scene, his wife suffering major injuries. The case is still under investigation.

Motorcycle accidents tend to produce worse injury than automobile accidents, meaning you are more likely to be hospitalized or die in a motorcycle accident. More than 165,000 Americans are hospitalized every year due to motorcycle collisions. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, it is crucial for you to contact a personal injury attorney right away doing so will offer the best protection of your rights.

The state of Nebraska offers safety classes for new riders. This, combined with the wearing of proper safety equipment, is not enough to protect riders from the cruel reality of the dangers associated with riding a bike, though. And while accidents may be more common when riding motorcycles, it is not always the fault of the motorcyclist. In fact, 80 percent of motorcycle accidents are found to be caused by negligence on the behalf of the driver of the other automobile. The good news is that there are many personal injury lawyers in Nebraska who specialize in motorcycle accident cases. Enlisting their years of experience on the subject translates to better representation for you. Most attorneys will work on a contingency basis, meaning they will not seek payment until your case is won.

Due to the high fatality rates involved with motorcycle accidents, it is common for families of accident victims to seek compensation for wrongful death. If you are a family member of a loved one lost to a motorcycle accident where another driver was negligent, you are entitled to seek compensation, and contacting a Nebraska attorney experienced in such cases should be your first step. In a Nebraska wrongful death suit, dependents of a crash victim are entitled to monetary compensation for deaths resulting from the negligence of others. A Nebraska motorcycle death lawyer will be able to gather information from investigations and witnesses and prove that another driver's misconduct lead to the death of your loved one. They do so by showing that the motorcyclist was driving in complete or more than 50 percent accordance to the laws of the road. They take into consideration many different scenarios where the other driver was at fault, such as alcohol consumption or operator error.

Your personal injury lawyer can also help you find doctors who will wait for payment and are familiar with testifying in a courtroom. Having the testimony of a doctor is important, because they will be able to pinpoint the types of treatments you will need to recover, and how much they will cost.

In order for a lawyer to accomplish this estimation, though, it is important for the victim to get medical help immediately following the incident. It is also important for doctors to adequately determine what injuries have been sustained, and what avenues to take on the road to complete recovery. Providing this information to a qualified personal injury attorney experienced in motorcycle accident law will give you the best chance of recovering all that is rightfully due to you under Nebraska law.


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