Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The Rhode Island scenery historic architecture, island towns, views of the Atlantic can provide picturesque riding for motorcyclists. Unfortunately, a number of motorcyclists enjoying rides in Rhode Island will die this year, just as they do every year. It's an nerving thought, but also a valid fact; Motorcycle fatalities have been on the rise since the late 1990s, reaching a record 12 percent of all vehicle crash-deaths in 2007 nationwide.

And while most riders are aware of the inherent risks involved with getting on a motorcycle, something else should be known: Cyclists are not always at fault for collisions just because they are operating a potentially dangerous vehicle, and they have rights protected under the law. In fact, during studies conducting by the National Highway Safety Administration during 2003, it was found that in motorcycle accidents occurring between motorcyclists and cars, trucks, and other vehicles, the motorcyclist was at no or lesser fault 80 percent of the time. When driver negligence on the behalf of a passenger vehicle plays a role in a motorcycle collision, it is in the cyclist's best interest to contact a qualified Rhode Island attorney specializing in motorcycle accident law.

A qualified attorney with experience handling motorcycle accident cases in Rhode Island will be able to recover damages resulting from the crash, including personal property damages, medical bills, the cost of rehabilitative equipment, and compensation for time loss from work. The more serious the injury, the more likely it would be in your best interest to contact a Rhode Island attorney immediately following your motorcycle collision.

Attorneys in Rhode Island will be able to advise you on the do's an don'ts that will soon follow in the investigation. For example, attorneys dealing in motorcycle accident cases will advise their clients to not sign any sort of settlement offered by insurance agencies representing the other driver. This is because many companies encourage adjusters to convince victims to accept an expedited settlement for any losses resulting from a collision between a motorcycle and another vehicle. While many cyclists may be partial to the idea of a quick payment, it is advised that motorcycle accident victims wait, because once they agree to a settlement, they are giving up any right to seek further compensation for injuries. This is especially important as it relates to motorcycle accidents, because what may seem like an inexpensive hospital bill at first can actually turn into very costly treatments needed to truly fix the injury completely. A well-versed Rhode Island motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to come up with a settlement more favorable than that offered by the insurance company, and should your case need to go to court, they will have the expertise needed to evaluate how much to seek in initial and future medical costs.

In order for a lawyer to accomplish this estimation, though, it is important for the victim to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Also imperative is having your doctor adequately determine what injuries have been sustained, and what avenues to take on the road to a successful recovery. Providing this information to a qualified personal injury attorney experienced in motorcycle accident law will give you the best chance of recovering all that is rightfully due to you under Rhode Island law. Getting the names, addresses, phone numbers, and E-mails of any witnesses to the crash is also essential to a successful case, as the lawyer will use their testimony in your favor. When researching a Rhode Island lawyer to handle your case, keep in mind that many will not charge an initial fee for discussing your case.


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