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Finding accurate numbers on the amount of motorcycle accidents across the country can be difficult. But, in South Carolina, where helmet laws are strictly enforced, and there are more than 20,000 registered motorcycle owners, it is estimated that several dozen South Carolina motorcyclists die in motorcycle accidents each year, and thousands more are injured. While statistics vary greatly depending on the source, one fact remains certain: Thousands of motorcyclists die each year in fatal collisions around the country, and tens of thousands suffer injuries from my minor bruising to complete paralysis from motorcycle accidents every year. Despite heightened training and safety regulations, several reports claim that roughly 2,000 to 3,000 motorcyclists die each year in the US in single-vehicle motorcycle crashes, and some 80,000 to 130,000 non-fatal motorcycle accidents occur each year.

Understanding the South Carolina laws related to motorcycles is key to staying safe and knowledgeable. For example, many South Carolina riders are aware that if they are over 21, they are not required under law to wear a helmet while operating a motorcycle; however, it should also be known that local ordinances in South Carolina can and do enforce helmet laws. For example, within the city limits of Myrtle Beach, helmets are required. The laws put into place to protect the travelers of South Carolina's many highways are sometimes difficult do decipher, making it all the more important to consult with a personal injury attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in South Carolina, or you are a family member of a loved one who was killed in a motorcycle accident, you need to hire a South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer to give you the best chance of winning your case. An experienced South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer or personal injury attorney will be well-versed in South Carolina's motorcycle laws at both the state and local levels. Furthermore, they will understand South Carolina's personal injury laws, and they can help you recover monetary compensation for accident-related costs, such as medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, damages to the motorcycle, and much more.

Because of the dangerous nature of a motorcycle, accidents are a common hazard, and the likelihood of suffering a fatality is much higher when driving a motorcycle than a car. It is reported that anywhere from 70 to 80 percent of all reported motorcycle accidents result in injury or fatality, while the injury/fatality rate of passenger vehicles is right around 20 percent. There are several reasons for this large discrepancy: Motorcycles offer no protective barrier between the rider and other elements on the road, like the road itself, roadside hazards, and other cars. Recent statistics reveal that per 100 million vehicle miles traveled (VMT), the number of reported motorcycle accidents was 776.57, while the number for passenger cars involved in accidents per 100 million vehicle miles traveled was 423.13.

When searching for motorcycle accident lawyers in South Carolina, it's best to seek out attorneys who are also very familiar with the different types of bikes, are not biased towards motorcyclists, and have an understanding of motorcycle culture. In general, personal injury attorneys will be able to help you with your case, but be sure to ask certain questions related to motorcycle accident cases they have represented.

In recent South Carolina motorcycle accident news, a deputy was killed after he hit a driveway and a ditch while on a motorcycle, ejecting him from the vehicle. He had not been wearing his helmet, and died at the scene.

If you are ready to hire a South Carolina motorcycle accident lawyer or attorney, it's in your best interest to seek counsel right away. In the state of South Carolina, your claim must be filed within three years of the motorcycle accident.


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