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A motorcyclist is entitled to the same rights on the road as other drivers. Unfortunately, other motorists sometimes drive as if motorcyclists do not exist. The majority of accidents which involve both cars and motorcycles are due either to cars following the motorcycle too closely and rear-ending them at a stop, or to the car simply not yielding the right of way to a motorcycle. Motorcycles are able to stop more quickly than a motor vehicle. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you can hire a personal injury attorney to represent you all the way through the system.

Some people may argue that in the instance of a motorcycle crash, that the motorcyclist is at fault, but it is typically not the case. They may suggest that most motorcyclists do not wear their helmets or other protective padding, or driving recklessly. Although there are certainly some occasions in which the motorcyclist is not operating the bike responsibly, the reality is that most motorcyclists are very skilled motorists and are very aware of the dangers of maneuvering a bike, and therefore take the proper precautions.

Being cut off in traffic is a fact of life for a motorcyclist, and so they usually drive defensively, to avoid a collision with an inattentive driver. Defensive driving is not always enough, however, and it is usually the motorcyclist who pays the price. Every motorcycle accident is considered a serious accident, because motorcycles offer very little protection and a bike crash generally results in serious injuries. These can range from traumatic brain injuries, to spinal cord injuries, to wrongful deaths.

Thousands of motorcyclists die each year in fatal motorcycle accidents around the country. Additionally, thousands more suffer injuries from motorcycle accidents annually. It's estimated that between 2,000-3,000 motorcyclists die each year in the United States in collisions with single vehicles, and some 80,000-130,000 non-fatal motorcycle accidents occur each year.

In the state of Wyoming, where motorcycle, helmet, and insurance laws are strictly enforced, there are still roughly 250 motorcycle accidents reported each year in the state, and more than five fatal motorcycle accidents annually. Currently, there are nearly 13,000 registered motorcycle owners in the state of Wyoming.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Wyoming or you are a family member of a loved one who was killed in a motorcycle accident, you need to hire a Wyoming motorcycle accident lawyer or attorney to help you file (and win) your case. An experienced Wyoming motorcycle accident lawyer or personal injury attorney will be well-versed in Wyoming's motorcycle laws at both the state and local levels, they will understand Wyoming's personal injury and insurance laws, and they can help you recover monetary compensation for injuries such as: medical expenses, loss of wages, pain and suffering, damages to the motorcycle, and other accident-related costs.

When searching for motorcycle accident lawyers or attorneys in Wyoming, look for attorneys who are also very familiar with motorcycles, those who are open-minded about motorcyclists, and those who have a good understanding of motorcycle culture. General personal injury attorneys can help you with your case, but be sure to ask about the number of motorcycle accident cases they have handled. Most experienced attorneys have handled hundreds, if not thousands of cases.

If you are ready to hire a Wyoming motorcycle accident lawyer or attorney, it's in your best interest to seek counsel right away. In Wyoming, your claim must be filed within one to 10 years of the date of the motorcycle accident, although the statute of limitations depends heavily on the type of action being filed. Simple cases may take around several months to resolve, while more complicated cases could take several years. Visit the American Bar Association to locate motorcycle accident lawyers and attorneys in the state of Wyoming.


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