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If you have been injured in the District of Columbia because of the negligence of another person or company, you may have a personal injury claim. An experienced personal injury trial lawyer can help you to determine if you have a legal claim and the damages you may be entitled to recover.

Many personal injury attorneys offer a free legal consultation to discuss your case. If your case has merit, your attorney will ask you to enter into a fee agreement, establishing the attorney-client relationship. Often in personal injury cases, this is a contingency fee agreement, whereby your attorney will collect a percentage of the final settlement in your case. It is important to understand how your attorney will be paid and also how the costs associated with your case will be paid, before signing the fee agreement. Because it can sometimes take months for your case to conclude, find an attorney with whom you are comfortable working, whom you trust and who understands your case.

Personal injury cases are most commonly associated with car accidents. However, slip-and-fall accidents, product liability, bus accidents, animal attacks, or other types of accidents can also lead to a personal injury case. If another person or company is responsible for your injuries because of careless, reckless or negligent behavior, a personal injury attorney can help you. There is a time limit, called the statute of limitations, in which you have to file a claim. Speaking to an attorney soon after your accident will help preserve your rights.

Personal injury attorneys can help recover costs for medical bills, lost wages or earning capacity, lost or damaged property, pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. Often the insurance company for the negligent party will try to settle your case before your injuries are resolved or your damages are determined. Soon after the accident they may even offer to pay your medical bills. Be cautious when dealing with the insurance company, as they are not looking out for your best interests. Only your personal injury attorney will be protecting your rights.

An average of 11,200 accidental injuries that are considered disabling take place every hour every year. The most common accident at construction sites are falls. And, every year about 11,000 people in America suffer from a traumatic spinal cord injury, which many will turn into permanent disabilities. About 6,500,000 construction workers were active in 1995 in the United States. Out of those, there were 1,040 construction related deaths and 350,000 disabling injuries. The part of the body that is the most commonly injured is the back, with about 25% of all work-related injuries.

When you have been injured in an accident, it is important to keep track of your medical condition, appointments, prescriptions, missed work and your general well-being. Keeping a journal will help your attorney recover the losses you have endured. Follow the medical advice and concentrate on your health and healing, and let an experienced District of Columbia personal injury attorney represent your legal interests and help you to recover your financial losses.

An important part of choosing a lawyer is making sure you are comfortable with and trust them. This is because they can play a big role in alleviating the stress that is often associated with a personal injury and the legal proceedings that follow. While you can focus on recovering from your injury, they can focus on getting you the fair compensation that is owed to you.

For more information, or to contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases, you may wish to use the locator found at the American Bar Association (ABA). It is up to you to get the compensation you deserve!


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