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When you are injured because of the negligent acts of another person or company in Florida, you are entitled to recover your damages through a personal injury lawsuit. Personal injury cases resolve issues related to car accidents, boating accidents, slips and falls, product liability and other types of accidents. Even if you are partially at fault for the accident, you can still recover damages, because Florida is a comparative negligence state.

The damages you can win in a personal injury case include medical bills, lost wages or earning capacity, property damage or loss, pain and suffering. Many times if you have been injured in an accident, the insurance company for the negligent party wants to settle your claim quickly, and will offer to pay your medical expenses. It is not recommended that you sign any documents until you have consulted with an experienced personal injury attorney. After all, insurance companies are there to represent their own interests, not yours. A personal injury attorney is on your side and will help to protect your rights and obtain compensation for your injuries.

If you are contacted by an insurance company shortly after an injury, it would be in your best interest not to give a statement until you have conferred with a personal injury lawyer. Insurance investigators often seem very accommodating and sympathetic, and will discourage you from contacting a lawyer, don't be mislead.

Personal injury attorneys generally provide a free initial consultation during which they will evaluate the legitimacy of your case. After determining that you have a viable claim, your attorney will probably represent you on a contingency basis. A contingency fee agreement provides for the payment of your attorneys fees out of any final settlement amount. This is generally a percentage amount. You will want to discuss the payment of any costs incurred by the law firm on your behalf in the preparation of your case. Often these are also paid out at the conclusion of your case, but you will want to understand the fee agreement you are entering into with your attorney.

Personal injury cases can be resolved quickly with an out-of-court settlement, or may take months to conclude with a trial. When looking for a Florida personal injury attorney, you will want to find someone who is experienced in the type of accident you have incurred. Finding someone that you are comfortable talking to and who understands your situation will help you through this process. You will also have a lot of contact with the support staff in your attorney's office and may want to meet them at your initial consultation.

It is important to consult with an attorney soon after your injury. While some attorneys will want you to complete your medical treatment before pursuing your case, you should be aware that there is a statute of limitations in Florida that limits the time you have to file a claim. Generally, this is four years from the date of injury. After this time you will not have any remedy or right to compensation for your losses.

When you decide you are going to hire a personal injury lawyer, you need to find the best attorney for your case. If you have been a victim of asbestos exposure, you need an attorney who specializes in these complex cases. They will have valuable experience in representing clients suffering injuries under the same circumstances. If you are facing a product liability case, you need an attorney or firm with significant resources to see your case through to the end. The most common personal injury attorneys represent auto accident victims.

You can find a personal injury lawyer to take your case on contingency if the facts are on your side. These attorneys will take your case with no money down and you only pay if you win. Call for a consultation today and review your case with an experienced attorney.


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