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Personal injury is a broad legal term that covers a wide range of injuries, damages, and losses sustained as a result of the reckless, careless, or intentional negligence of an individual or business organization.

Negligence is described as the failure to use reasonable care, and can be construed as a 'legal cause' of damage if it directly produces or substantially contributes to producing damage which, if it were not for the negligence, would not have occurred.

There are two types of personal injury claims, general damages personal injury claim and special damages and future loss personal injury claim. General damages are injuries that involve a demand for restitution for any emotional or physical pain and suffering that may be endured after the injury or accident has taken place.

Special damages are injuries that refer to any money loss incurred as a result of the injury or accident. It also includes costs directly resulting from the injury as well as earnings that have been lost as well. Expenses typically associated with special damage claims include damage to property, medical treatment expenses and loss of pay for any time spent in the hospital.

A skilled Virginia personal injury lawyer can provide legal assistance for the recovery of financial damages in cases of proven harm and liability. An aggressive representation in personal injury cases will result in successful outcomes with recoveries in millions of dollars. Lawyers will represent the injured parties and their families in specific practice areas including wrongful death, automobile or other motor-vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, pedestrian injuries, dangerous roadway injuries, defective and dangerous products and medical malpractice cases.

Personal injury lawyers also handle personal injuries that are caused by negligent maintenance of property, fire death cases, negligent hiring or retention of an employee, and other negligent acts. Victims in injury cases as well as the next of kin in cases of wrongful death are entitled to qualified legal representation to help them recover damages from the party accused of negligence. Compensation can be claimed on grounds of suffering endured, loss of income and loss of consortium in cases of spouses who have experienced a death of kin, as well as medical reimbursement and injuries for the use of defective products. Personal injury cases can be filed for physical or psychological injuries resulting from the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity.

Most personal injury lawyers are licensed to practice any field of law, but they usually take up cases that fall under tort law. Cases commonly include, but are not limited to, work-related injuries, automobile accidents, defective products, medical mistakes, slip-and-fall accidents and so on. The personal injury lawyer must be able to represent the client to also claim for economic or non-economic damages to personal property, reputation, or rights.

If you or a family member experiences any type of injuries caused by negligence, you will need to seek out a knowledgeable lawyer experienced in tort law and with a thorough understanding of the nuances of personal injury law and its guidelines. You must act promptly after someone dies, owing to another's wrongful act or gross negligence, in order to comply with statutes of limitations and ensure that due compensation can be recovered. es of limitations and ensure that due compensation can be recovered.


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