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If you are having trouble with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) or the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS), your next phone call should be to an experienced tax attorney. The state of Connecticut has many qualified and experienced tax attorneys ready to help you solve your tax problems.

A Connecticut tax attorney can not only help you when you have a problem with a taxing authority, but can be proactive and sort out your tax problems to keep you in line with the IRS. If you are a small business owner, setting up an estate, or preparing for a financial payout, a tax attorney can help you minimize your tax burden legally, while minimizing stress and giving you peace of mind when it comes to difficult tax situations.

Tax laws are an intricate system of laws and rules covering when and how taxes are levied, the rates at which people and items are taxed, and many other facets. Tax evasion/fraud occurs when an individual or business intentionally avoids paying federal, state, or local taxes through illegal means. Some of these means include overstating their deductions or declaring lesser income, gains, or profits than were actually attained. Tax evasion is a federal crime punishable by fines, prison time, and asset forfeiture.

Filing your tax return at the appropriate time is very important to avoid hassles with the IRS at a later date. The IRS can also initiate criminal proceedings for non-filing of tax returns. Filing your tax returns will ensure that you qualify for an Offer in Compromise or seek a tax bankruptcy if required.

You may feel that a tax attorney is too expensive or unnecessary. However, by hiring a tax attorney, you may be able to save money in the long run. If you are overpaying taxes because of the structure of your business or estate, a tax attorney can help you figure out where you're overpaying and help reduce your payments. If you are facing a debt to the IRS for unpaid taxes, due to an error or even evasion, a tax attorney can help negotiate a payment plan with the IRS, often waiving or reducing fines or penalties.

The IRS is the federal tax collection and tax code enforcement agency. Tax codes change each year and are difficult to understand. Knowing how a change in the law affects you as a taxpayer can be a challenge. Experienced tax attorneys not only keep up on all the changes, but understand the practicalities of these changes. Other than the IRS, other departments can also start criminal tax investigations. These include the Postal Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Recently in Connecticut, two New York City men were sentenced to 18 months in prison because of their tax fraud in a Connecticut identity theft scheme. They filed false tax returns by using the names of different people from Puerto Rico, where residents are not required to file tax returns if their income is from working on the island. They received tax refunds of more than $265,000, and now have to pay $114,000 in restitution to the IRS.

Many people rely heavily on their accountant or tax preparer, but often a good tax attorney can be just as important to your financial health. The Connecticut Bar Association provides an online lawyer referral service to help you find a tax attorney in your area. You may also want to ask your accountant or tax professional for a recommendation for an experienced tax attorney.

Small tax problems often turn into larger ones with the accumulation of fines, interest and penalties. The IRS can garnish your wages, seize or lien your property, or even have you sent to jail for tax evasion. Once you have a problem with the IRS, it can cause a ripple effect with other taxing authorities, like the DRS. Do not delay in contacting a Connecticut tax attorney.